How intrauterine insemination will be beneficial for you to treat infertility?

How intrauterine insemination will be beneficial for you to treat infertility

In this blog, we are going to talk about, “How undergoing IUI is beneficial for you.” You can also consult the best team of fertility experts by visiting the IVF centre in Punjab.

What is IUI?

IUI stands for intrauterine insemination which is fertility treatment. Before undergoing IUI, the couple has to visit the clinic to give semen samples. The male partner will give a semen sample by doing masturbation. If your male partner is out of town or gives a semen sample earlier. Then the frozen semen sample will be melted and prepared for the procedure. The semen will go through the washing procedure. This procedure will remove all the impurities and prepare semen for conception.

Procedure of IUI

IUI procedure will be done by giving ovulation-stimulating drugs to the patient. This is a procedure that is done with the male partner’s sperm or donor sperm. Before undergoing this, the fertility specialist will examine the female partner and check whether the woman is having any hormonal imbalance, infection, structural problem, or not. At the time of ovulation, insemination will be done. It is usually done within 24 to 36 hours after the detection of LH surge. The doctor will predict the ovulation time either with a blood test, ultrasound, or urine test kit. While the doctor performs the procedure, the woman has to lie down on the exam table. Your legs will be into stirrups and in your vagina, the speculum will be placed. During the procedure the surgeon is going to do the following things that are mentioned below:

  • The doctor will attach a vial that will be having sperm in it.
  • The doctor will place a catheter into your vagina with the help of the opening of the cervical and in your uterus.
  • Then the fertility expert will push the sperm into your uterus.
  • The catheter will be removed.

The success rate depends upon the following factors that are mentioned below:

  • Age of the couple.
  • What type of fertility problems they are experiencing.
  • Diagnosis of infertility.

For whom IUI is not recommended?

There are women for whom IUI is not recommended by the doctor that is mentioned below:

  • Women whose fallopian tubes are damaged.
  • Women who are having a past medical history related to pelvic infection.
  • Women experiencing endometriosis.

When is IUI recommended?

  • When a couple is unable to conceive due to low sperm count.
  • When sperms are not strong enough to travel through the cervix into fallopian tubes.
  • Unexplained infertility.

Benefits of IUI

  • Less time commitment
  • Less stressful
  • Treatment is affordable.
  • Higher success rate

These are the benefits of why couples should undergo IUI treatment for getting good news.

Why choose us?

We understand that it is heartbreaking when a couple wants to add a new member to the family but unable to. There can be many reasons why couples are unable to conceive naturally. But you should not lose hope.

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