How Men should prepare before going IVF Treatment as a couple?

How Men Should Prepare Before Going IVF Treatment as A Couple

Undergoing fertility treatment needs lots of patience and time. You must talk to the doctor to understand which treatment will work best for you. In this guide, we are going to mention in detail how men should prepare before undergoing the IVF treatment as a couple.


When the patient undergoes fertility treatment, they need to prepare for it physically and mentally. This is important for the female as well as the male partner. The best way is to consult the IVF doctor and she can guide you in a better manner in which treatment plan will suit your condition the best.

When you visit our IVF centre, the doctor will focus on sperm count, hormonal imbalance, emotional, and physical stress. Along with that patient general health needs to be kept in mind while undergoing the entire process.

Tips how men should prepare for IVF treatment

The male partner plays an essential role because half of the genetics will create the baby. The health of both partners must be perfect so that the success chances of the treatment can increase.

  • Understand the entire process

The patient who is undergoing the treatment for the first time should understand the entire process. Before the procedure starts, make sure to clear out all your doubts right away and what all changes you need to make in your daily life.

  • Have a supportive group

You should have loved ones by your side. It will help to take away the stress, anxiety, and you will deal with the emotional changes in a better manner. Additionally, our fertility doctor will also guide you throughout the treatment.

  • Focus on your diet

One of the research has shown that a man’s diet also plays a vital role. So, you must eat loads of fruits and vegetables. Increase the intake of Vitamin D, omega 3, and Vitamin B9. This will help to keep up the sperm health proper.

  • Fertility cleansing

Fertility cleansing means making changes in the lifestyle before the treatment. When you seek help from our fertility expert she will guide you on not to use plastic containers for drinking and eating, quit smoking, do not drink alcohol, and avoid soy-based food items. You should eat the food products which boost the fertility level as suggested by the fertility doctor.

  • Exercise daily

It is extremely important to stay healthy throughout the treatment and before it starts. If the person is overweight then it will affect the success chances. So, you should exercise daily for around 30 minutes. Additionally, you should meditate or do yoga so that it helps to relieve all the stress.

If you want to seek help then you should consult the doctor. Keep everything in mind what the doctor suggests to you while you are getting the treatment.