How to conceive naturally? Effective Tips To Get Pregnant

How to conceive naturally? Just follow these Effective Tips To Get Pregnant

Pregnancy and motherhood are really exciting. But it is quite painful for people who have trouble conceiving. 85-95% of couples take 4-6 months in conceiving successfully. The couple may experience trouble in conceiving due to a number of factors like medical illness, PCOS or endometriosis.  Infertility is a prevalent problem in India, but before you make a beeline for the nearest fertility specialist in India, consider the following points-

  1. Use a lubricant which is sperm friendly

Many couples use lubrication during sexual intercourse, but most of them are hostile to the sperms. They effectively kill the sperms and thus the failure of the woman to conceive. It is wise to use the right lubricant which is sperm friendly in case you are planning a baby. Vegetable oils are a good option.

  1. Regulate your ovulation cycle

A woman will fail to conceive if she is not ovulating properly. The cycle can be regulated using medicines which are readily available with the chemist. These medicines are specially formulated for patients with ovulatory infertility. Myo-inositol, a substance which helps in regulating the ovulation is found in natural form in grapefruit and navy beans.

  1. Add supplements to your diet

It will benefit you if you supplement your diet with zinc and vitamin b6. Extra Vitamin B6 and Zinc will regulate the luteal phase of your cycle, which is the phase between the ovulation and menstruation. Women may be deficient in zinc due to various methods of birth control. Taking both the supplements together will ensure that they are absorbed properly within the body.

  1. Prick the needles at the right place

Yes, prick the needles. That’s exactly what you may need to fix infertility. The ancient Chinese art of acupuncture will come in handy in this area too. Naturally, when all your body is connected from within, improvement in overall functioning will be triggered by handling one problem area. Acupuncture helps in increasing blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. They also help in maintaining a hormonal balance. Thus they help in attaining pregnancy in childless couples.

  1. Ring in the romance twice a week

While the experts are still at loggerheads as to how much sex is too much sex, we advise that twice a week is just OK. Trying to time the intercourse can become artificial and have just the impact which we don’t desire. So don’t time it, but regulate it.

  1. Go easy on water

Hydrate yourself to the optimum level. It is not only good for the entire body and your digestive system, but it is also desirable for your reproductive system as well. For females, it is vital for the production of mucus, which is conducive to the sperm. Dehydration also leads to tiredness which will lead to loss of desire and low energy as you will be tired.

  1. Watch your basal body temperature

Observation of BBT will tell you about the most fertile days and your ovulation cycle. An ovulation predictor kit is available in the market which will tell you the time you are about to ovulate. This is the most fertile period of your cycle and you are most likely to conceive if you have an intercourse during this period.