Is Hysteroscopy required before IVF?

Is Hysteroscopy required before IVF

Are you trying to invest your time and money in IVF? There is a method called Hysteroscopy Will let you know more about it in this article of mine. Stay hooked.

What is the need for getting Hysteroscopy done?

Hysteroscopy is a long, thin, lighted appliance, which has to be penetrated into the uterus through the vagina. It shows an image on to a screen and also lets the doctor look into the uterus.

Hysteroscopy is mostly in a woman having abnormal bleeding. Which means her menstrual cycle is very heavy or they last for a long time, they occur either too often or too late, or that she bleeds while her menstrual cycle is going on. It can also be used in removing a scar, medically termed as adhesions, to find an Intrauterine device( IUD), or for performing sterilization by obstructing fallopian tubes. Some other tests include the analysis of semen, transvaginal ultrasound, HSG, and maybe some blood tests for ovarian function.

How are hysteroscopy and IVF interconnected to each other?

Failed IVF attempts are due to many reasons, sometimes in the embryo only, it so happens, many times genetically, or issues with women’s reproductive system, many times due to hormonal balance( yes, I have of many of my friends who had hormonal issues and had difficulty conceiving, so please get your hormones checked, regularly). During the past few years, many fertility clinics used to perform hysteroscopy on those women who had failed episodes of IVF cycles, they use to check for uterine growths or scar tissues and then take them out. Besides this, there are many other methods of checking the uterine line along with hysterosonography, where a little level of salt water is mixed in the uterus and an ultrasound is also done to check the uterus.

Researchers carried out have spoken about the benefits of hysteroscopy post IVF cycle has failed. Many clinics regularly do the process on every woman before starting IVF, they think that extracting scars before starting IVF gives a better chance for the treatment to be a success.

Have you decided on what will you do? Will you go in for Hysteroscopy before going for IVF? Do you find it to be expensive? Many doctors are of the view that if any abnormal condition is found out, only then hysteroscopy can be ruled out. Hence, it becomes important that if everything is fine then there is no need for a hysteroscopy to take place. It is essential to find a fertility doctor whom you can rely on and you understand you through and through.

Hysteroscopy is an uncomplicated, process. IVF patients should also go for FSH, LH, STD tests, or male partner semen check. The trouble with uterine can further lead to infertilty and maybe also miscarriage, in some cases. In case you plan of getting IVF done, then you are supposed to be in the peak of your health.

The process is risk-free, no need for injecting the patients. No bleeding found out by patients who have been through this. There are basically nill side effects.


The cost of any treatment depends upon the doctors, hospitals, the location and many more things. IVF treatment cost in India is pocket-friendly. Indian doctors and hospitals don’t charge as much as doctors of other places do.

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