Is Metformin Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Metformin Safe During Pregnancy?

As women, we tend to be extra cautious about our do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. Some of us will head to our mothers for extra care due to the intense morning sickness that may strike us.

Well, that is very good and thumbs up to our mothers, pregnant women, and future mothers. Back to the topic of Metformin; I guess since you are a pregnant woman or struggling with infertility this question about how safe metformin has ever struck your mind.

A vital fact remains that a healthy pregnancy is every woman’s desire to prevent complications and also bring forth a healthy baby. Whether you are pregnant for your first child or second and so on, it is necessary to seek health advice to prevent the occurrence of birth defects

The fertility specialist; Dr. Sofat at our IVF Centre in India recommends that a woman should only take the prescribed medications during pregnancy, but should depend on self-medications

Metformin is a common drug that is both prescribed to infertile patients and some pregnant women. It is mainly an oral drug taken to treat type 2 diabetes and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS.

Basically, PCOS is one of the commonest reproductive disorder experienced by women during their childbearing years. This endocrine disorder is mainly due to the hormonal imbalances that lead to the development of cysts in the ovaries and a number of issues such as;

  • Increased body hair

  • Acne

  • Anovulation

  • Obesity

  • Increased blood sugar among others

Metformin is commonly given to help women with PCOS conceive

Metformin during pregnancy

There isn’t a direct answer as to whether metformin is safe during pregnancy, but according to FDA, there are no risks associated with the drug.

However, some studies show that there are minimal risks such as nausea, extreme tiredness, weakness, muscle pain, voting among others

However, it is recommended that you continue taking the drug in the case prescribed by your doctor or fertility expert.

Metformin is usually prescribed to control blood sugars alongside insulin for type 2 diabetes

Taking metformin during the first trimester can also reduce the chances of miscarriage as shown by some studies.

It may also be prescribed in case your pregnancy tests show that you are prone to developing gestational diabetes.

What do fertility experts say?

You can only take metformin as directed, but watch out for the following;

  • Anemia- metformin reduces the levels of vitamin B- 12 in the body

  • Kidney problems- The kidneys are meant to eliminate metformin from the body, so it may cause lactic acidosis

  • Breastfeeding- Don’t take the drug while breastfeeding

Metformin is only prescribed to a patient when it is the only resort. Our IVF centre in Delhi is very particular and specific to the kind of patients the drug is recommended to

Nevertheless, a well-balanced diet, physical exercises, and regular appointment with the fertility expert are necessary

Avoid taking the drug in overdose in case it is prescribed and don’t forget to inform any other doctor you may visit while undergoing the treatment.