Is Smoking During Pregnancy Right OR Wrong

Is Smoking During Pregnancy Right OR Wrong

Though a majority of smokers are men, a handful of women also smoke and this may prove to be disappointing in most cases. Smoking is a habit that has taken a modern trail in many ways. Smoking cigarettes is one of the commonest addictive habit in the world that many men have failed to get rid of and if they do, 71% find themselves back to it.

Smoking is commonly done to pass or enjoy time, but it has many dangerous side effects, especially on one’s health. When it comes to women, smoking puts your life at risk during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Also, your baby’s life during pregnancy or after delivery is not secure.

NOTE: Smoking during Pregnancy is absolutely wrong

Smoking & Infertility

There are various causes of Infertility in women and in men, but smoking is mostly underestimated. Smoking in women reduces chances of conception or one will take a longer period trying to conceive, whereas in men, it reduces the quality of the sperms produced.

Why is Smoking during Pregnancy absolutely WRONG?

Cigarettes contain an addictive substance “Nicotine” and other substances such as, carbon monoxide, acetone, ammonia, and other toxic chemicals. These chemicals if inhaled or intentionally flows into your bloodstream have long-term impacts on the general health of a woman and the baby in the womb.

Smoking increases your chances of organ failure and almost every part of the body can be destroyed by smoking.

Through the placenta, a woman is able to provide the necessary nutrients to the growing fetus. The placenta develops during pregnancy and it is the vital attachment between the woman and the baby.

The placenta is a passage of oxygen and removes any toxins from the baby. Remember the fetus’ life, health, and growth depends on the mother.

In case of smoking, this will happen;

  • Less oxygen will be available for you and your baby

  • Increases the chances of respiratory problems in your baby

  • Increases the chances of Sudden Infant Syndrome

  • Smoking increases the baby’s heart rate

  • Increased chances of premature birth, low weight, breathing problems, and birth effects.

What to do when you are expecting yet a smoker.

Seeking help as soon as possible through counseling in a women infertility centre in India or other smoking cessation programs can reduce the effects of smoking on your growing baby.

Keeping cigarettes away, lighters and keeping a positive mind that you can quit smoking is important

Always remember that your baby’s health and future depends on you. So if you can’t quit smoking for the sake of your health, then at least do it for your baby

Apart from enjoying a better health, infertility in women for future conception is boosted when one quits. It may get complicated in the first few days, but when you take your stand, things will return to normal as soon as possible.

What you must know

  • Women who quit smoking earlier during pregnancy always have normal deliveries

  • The baby’s weight will be just like for non-smokers

  • Quitting before the trimester reduces the chances of complications for you and the baby.