IVF and Test tube baby: Is there any difference between both the treatments?

Treatment to get rid of infertility

The most common question which generally patients ask or get confused about is IVF and test tube baby different. However, the treatments are not different. The term test tube baby was given by the media when the first baby was born with the treatment. Earlier people were not at all aware that both of the terms are the same.

The term was first used in the 1930s and after that, it is the type of artificial insemination. No doubt, there are some still people who are not aware of this thing. So, in other words, both mean the same thing.

Different steps involved in the treatment

There are many couples who are facing the problem to conceive in-spite of trying for several months or years. The test tube baby treatment has helped many couples to conceive successfully and become parents. There are different reasons that might affect your fertility. Keep in mind, that infertility issue can occur in both men and women. Some of the reasons are blocked fallopian tube, the unexplained cause of infertility, low sperm count in men, failed fertility treatment, and other infertility problem.

Additionally, it is important that whatever the method is called the results are successful and the baby is born healthy. The patient should get the treatment of infertility from the best IVF center in India. Let’s discuss how the treatment of IVF is started.

  • Suppressing the menstrual cycle

The first thing your doctor will do is suppress your natural cycle. For this, the patient is given injections daily at least for two weeks. After this, a further process is started.

  • Super ovulation

During the treatment, the main thing is that the women ovaries should produce more eggs. The patient is prescribed fertility drug as it contains the fertility hormone. Fertility stimulating hormone (FSH) is given to the patient as this makes the ovaries to produce more eggs as compared to normal. Your doctor will keep a check on your overall health throughout the entire process.

  • Retrieving the eggs

Then the eggs are collected by a minor surgical procedure which is known as ‘follicular aspiration.’ During this process, a very thin tube is inserted through the vagina then into the ovaries. A suction device is connected with the needle and this will suck the egg out. Additionally, frozen eggs can also be used.

  • Insemination and fertilization

After the eggs are retrieved they are placed with male sperm. This process is done in a controlled chamber and after this, the sperm enters the egg. The process with which sperm is inserted is known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Then the eggs which are fertilized become an embryo.

  • Embryo transfer

Only those embryos are selected and transferred which are of best quality. The embryos are transferred with the help of a thin tube or catheter. Then it enters the womb and after this, the growth will begin.

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