IVF Induced Pregnancy

IVF induced pregnancy

They say what if something goes wrong after all this time and money spent to reach this stage. The fact is, there is ultimate joy and anxiousness at the same time but don’t take stress because it’s not good for you and your baby

Here at Sofat infertility clinic and one of the best infertility clinics, Dr. Sumita Sofat and her team help you care for your growing baby and yourself right from the positive results. It is natural that a woman’s responsibility and concern increase during pregnancy. This is accomplished by frequent checkups and following doctor’s instructions whether in an IVF induced pregnancy or a pregnancy conceived through a natural way.

After IVF treatment, the doctor carries out tests and when the beta HCG results are positive, a pregnancy is confirmed. The level of this hormone is always tested in the blood to see its progress. As the weeks pass by, this hormone increases. It so happens that high levels of Beta can signify a twin pregnancy but this is truly confirmed after the first ultrasound is made.

Chances of a successful pregnancy can be determined in the first week of pregnancy using the beta HCG levels. If its level is high, it means the pregnancy will carry on. The reasons for the frequent test

You shouldn’t worry about the increased tests made during this period since it is required for proper investigations and follow up. The doctor has to monitor the hormones in your body and give treatment or make changes where necessary.

Proper diet and extra care are required from the couple to eliminate the chances of miscarriage and avoid stress & depression.

In case of any change a doctor should be informed about it to make proper examination and follow you up. Tests are increased but this is a normal case in this field and so you have to be aware and take part in every procedure.

With the above, a woman should feel normal about the pregnancy and take care during this period. At our clinic, Dr.Sumita Sofat will guide you on what to do and not to do in order for you to have a beautiful biological child of your own.