IVF Infertility Clinic: Discovered the new technique for aiding reproduction

IVF Infertility Clinic Discovered the best technique for aiding reproduction

Fertility specialist has discovered the new IVF technique has been arrived in India, IVF is a technique which has been hitting the headlines ever since the world got its first test tube baby. Since then, the technique has been adopted by many countries and is now common to see IVF clinic India mushrooming in even the most remote areas of the third world countries. Of course, it is not surprising since it offers the best gift a couple could get: a child. The remarkable process consists of the process of fertilization being carried out in a lab Petri dish instead of the woman’s body. Primarily, the ovulation cycle of the woman is observed and manipulated if required. The egg of the woman is extracted from the body through a refined technique. The sperm is extracted from the body of the male partner. On obtaining both the egg and the sperm, both are fused together in a lab petri dish. The egg is fertilized after some hours.

The embryo so formed is kept under observation. After observation for some hours, the embryo is again transplanted into the uterus of the woman. Hopefully, the pregnancy attains full term and a healthy baby is delivered at the end. Whether IVF can be an effective treatment or not depends on the underlying problems of infertility. It is helpful in cases where there is a problem with the ovulation of the woman. Donors may also be employed for either or both the egg and the sperm if the intended parents lack on these accounts.

Success Rate

IVF – Success Rate

Though the figures are usually misstated, the fact remains that the success rate to depends on a lot of factors.A woman under 35 is more likely to conceive but a woman above 40 has lesser chances of achieving success. But in the absence of a centralized authority, many clinics have been found to claim impossible success rates. Certain clinics claim a 50 % success rate which seems to be fabricated. It actually ranges from 30 -35%. As compared to the actual figures of success in IVF in the above 40 and below 40 years category, the clinics in India have been found to be claiming the success rate a bit higher. One has to steer clear of the clinics which display unrealistic statistics to grab patients. The procedure is quite expensive and one needs to be careful about spending such an amount of money on unreliable clinics. The procedure is emotionally and physically exhausting as well. Some couples, especially the women suffer a break down after two-three cycles.

IVF – a journey

Though IVF is primarily a reproductive assistance technique,it has paved way for many other fields of research and knowledge worldwide. Though it can be credited with the birth of about 60 million babies around the world, it has also given human beings a better understanding of how our reproductive system works. The knowledge could well lead to some other miraculous discoveries and inventions. It has also paved the way for stem cell therapy. Growing tissues for regenerative medicine and donation of embryos has become a reality. The medical world has gained a lot through these new techniques which were set in motion by IVF.

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