IVF Journey: How It Affects Not Only An Individual But Also Couple

Testimonial Of A IVF Treatment Patient

Infertility is one of the most common issues that a couple suffers. It is a fact that not only does it affect the individual’s life, but it has had a significant impact on them as an individual. Most of the time, you will hear how it brought ahead so many family disputes that break the whole structure of the couple’s life.

And to be frank, you can not even blame them. Infertility not only takes a toll on your physical health, but it disrupts the mental and emotional bonds too. But with the help of an IVF Centre in Ludhiana, people have found new ways to overcome such issues.

In this blog, The whole story might motivate your while simultaneously answering your biggest worries too. Do not worry; in the end, it is all about the right choices.

Smita And Her Journey Of IVF Treatment

It was not one of the easiest paths that I took, but one that op[en up so many new relationships for me.

Hey, I am Smita, and I have been married to my husband for the last 6 six years. We have been trying to conceive a child unsuccessfully for at least four years of our marriage. In the beginning, we thought of giving the process a little time, but when the year changed gradually, we were very hyper about this whole situation. It was a clear matter of dispute over who was infertile. Apart from that, the constant bad mouth from the relatives brought us close to the brink of divorce. The fight and the blame game were typical but something that we were both tired of. This is the reason why we finally decided to put our differences aside and seek professional help.

Was it an easy decision?

Absolutely not, but we much needed it.

The Procedure Of IVF And A Reincarnation Of New Relationship

I never imagined that the whole process of IVF treatment would bring ahead new love between my husband and me. We shared all of the fear, uncertainty, and excitement together, which made us an alley. I always knew that my husband would be a great support in my life without any doubt, but he became my pillar in those starting days. Making sure that I was comfortable at each step and not worrying about the  IVF Treatment Cost in Punjab.

Apart from that, my husband struggled a lot too in that period of time. The process was hectic for him, too, which made me realize the importance of the father’s role in the tiny life.

The Process Of IVF Treatment

It took around a month or less to complete the whole procedure of IVF treatment. From the stimulation period of the eggs to the transplant of the embryo in the womb after the fertilization. The doctor performs all these procedures with extreme care and comfort.

Good News!

At last, I received the good news of a positive pregnancy.

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