Know About Genetic Infertility In Males And Females

When should I get genetic testing

Genetic infertility is inability of couples to conceive due to genetic reasons. This problem can be both in males and females due to genetic factors.

Female genetic infertility problems

In females, following can be genetic infertility problems

Chromosome abnormalities

Due to chromosome abnormalities, sometimes embryos have the low rate of implantation in the uterus which can lead to miscarriages. There can be following kind of chromosomal abnormalities

  • Missing piece of chromosome
  • Upside – down chromosome
  • Change in the gene’s DNA sequence
  • Excessive or few chromosomes
  • Chromosome pieces attached to the wrong chromosome

Couples that are suffering from chromosome defects can get benefit from the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis combined with the IVF.

Inherited genetic problems in females

Sometime problems due to abnormal genes or mutations are inherited from the genes which can be detected with the blood test of parents.

Single gene abnormalities are caused by the changes in DNA sequence of a gene means the improper functioning of cells due to lack of protein. This can be due to the family history for the specific disorders cystic fibrosis. This family inherited disease is mostly incurable and fatal. Such patients can also get benefit from the IVF for getting pregnant.

Male Genetic infertility

Male generally suffer infertility problems like abnormal sperm production or blockage to sperm flow. These problems can also be caused by the genes which is called male genetic infertility. Following can be Genetic infertility problem.

  • Y chromosome deletions
  • Down syndrome
  • Kline’s syndrome

In some males Y chromosomes that is important for sperm production, is absent that is known as the Y chromosomes Deletions? These deletions can cause poor sperm production. These deletions can be detected with the blood tests. This genetic problem in males can be treated with ICSI so that males can have offspring even after Y chromosome deletions.

Down syndrome

This problem can be both in males and females in which they have extra copy of chromosome 21 with range of abnormalities. Men with this disorder can have abnormal sperm production and suffer from infertility issues.

Congenital absence of Vas Deferens

Sometime in males reproductive tract are missing in males from birth. In this condition sperm production occurs normally but face problem in traveling from tests to ejaculate.

In this problem sperms are collected directly from the testes and used for conception with the advanced techniques ICSI and IVF.