Link between Fertility and Lifestyle

Link between fertility and lifestyle

There are many couples who are trying to conceive but they cannot do it naturally. There are various factors that can create problems. Some of them we can’t control but some of the lifestyle factors can be worked upon to improve the conception chances. Read the guide to learn the link between fertility and lifestyle factors.

The couples who have decided to undergo infertility treatment need to keep some lifestyle factors in mind which can improve the conception chances. Treatment of IVF is considered the best in increasing the chances to conceive and also keep a check on lifestyle factors to increase the success chances.

  • Weight

Research has shown that women who are obese or have higher BMI will have lower chances to conceive successfully. On the other hand, women with low BMI and underweight have fewer success chances with fertility treatment.

In some cases, being overweight is linked to PCOS which affects the monthly cycle and affects fertility. Additionally, it can affect the ovulation and result in hormonal imbalance because the BMI is not in the healthy range.

Not just female fertility but male fertility is also affected. In such cases, the sperm count gets lower or there is an issue with sperm motility. Men can also experience problems with erectile dysfunction which is linked with testosterone.

  • Exercise

Following a strict exercise regime is important and it has a direct impact on fertility. Doing moderate exercise is extremely vital for your overall health. Results have shown that when the couple is physically fit and follows a light exercise regime it improves conception chances. But, make sure you never put extra stress on your body.

  • Smoking

Smoking not only lowers the chances to conceive naturally but also impacts the results of fertility treatment. This is the reason, our fertility doctor always suggests to quit smoking before and while undergoing the treatment.

Smoking increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. So, it is best to quit smoking and increase the chances of a safe and healthy pregnancy.

  • Alcohol

Like smoking, alcohol consumption is also not considered safe. This can lead to ovulation disorder which is an essential part of getting pregnant. Avoid alcohol and it will increase your chances to conceive dramatically. Alcohol is either safe for the mother nor the fetus. It is best to get involved in safer practices and increase the chances of a smooth and safe pregnancy.

  • Limit consumption of coffee

Coffee consumption affects the fertility of women and men. The average consumption of coffee should be limited to 2 cups of coffee per day. You should consume beverages that are safe and also keep your body hydrated.

For more information, you should contact the fertility expert and they will let you know what kind of treatment plan will suit you the best.

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