Natural IVF cycle Vs Standard IVF cycle: Which method of IVF Treatment is better?

Natural IVF cycle Vs Standard IVF cycle

Deciding which type of fertility treatment is right for you can be a very confusing and complex process. There are different factors that will require attention such as financial condition, personal, and medical factors.

What is the Natural IVF cycle?

This method of In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) is a very effective and proven treatment. In this method, the embryo is created by retrieving a matured egg from the ovaries. Then the egg is further fertilized in a test tube and this process is done in the lab. Due to this, this method of IVF is also called test tube baby treatment. In this method, the sperm is required with the egg so that once it is fertilized it can be put into the women’s ovaries. Once the embryo is developed, it is replaced in the uterus. One cycle of IVF last for around 4 to 6 weeks. If you are facing the issue of infertility then visit the best IVF center in India.

What is the Standard IVF cycle?

This method is similar to natural IVF but in this woman is given daily injections to stimulate the ovaries so that it can produce eggs.

Which method is best for the treatment?

In both the process, the method of treatment is almost the same. A single egg is matured inside the ovaries. However, the doctor will not prescribe you any type of medication to stimulate the production of eggs. When the hormones reach a certain level the egg is released and they are available for fertilization. Whereas in the Standard life cycle the woman is prescribed medication for 9 to 12 days with the help of which the ovaries and egg to grow and get matured. During this entire process, the doctor will properly examine your health and to check the growth of the eggs. The entire process is very similar

  • In the Natural IVF cycle, the risk of Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome is very less as compared to the standard IVF cycle. The Natural IVF cycle is also one of the best methods of reproductive technologies.
  • During the Natural IVF cycle, women are prescribed very few medications. This also reduces the risk to produce multiple eggs and it also decreases the chance of multiple pregnancies.
  • If cost is one of the factors you are worried about then the natural IVF cycle is a very low-cost technique as compared to the standard IVF cycle.
  • The risk factor is also very low in the natural IVF cycle as compared to the standard IVF cycle.
  • With the natural IVF cycle, it also proved that babies are born healthy physically and mentally.
  • The Natural IVF cycle works best for women who are responding to the treatment properly and they are considered as poor responders. Additionally, this method is also beneficial for male infertility. The treatment is combined with ICSI. So, you can say that the success of IVF is much higher than the Standard or Stimulated IVF cycle.