How is primary care the bottom-line option for boosting fertility?

Meaningful Approach Towards Primary Care For Fertility

Let’s start the blog with a positive quote, ‘A healthy outside starts from inside.

Health is above all and that’s true. If you don’t give health the priority on the front page then definitely you will regret it in different phases of life. Let’s say, you are planning to conceive and you are in all hope that everything will go in the right direction.

But, Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Is your health really fine?’

Good health is a combination of different factors which includes physical, reproductive, and mental health or you can say much more than this. Even when you consult the gynecologist in Punjab she will focus on ensuring your health is fine in all ways when planning to conceive. So, way before you begin planning your conception journey make sure that you get your reproductive health analyzed in all ways.

Important NOTE

In case your reproductive health is not right or the way it needs to be then you will be suggested to go down the road of infertility treatment. There are various options like IVF, IUI, ICSI, egg donor, sperm donor, & much more. To get a better idea about the cost of IVF in India you should consult one of the known fertility doctors.

Primary care helps in better management of the situation

It’s imperative or you can say it should be part of your life to visit the OB/GYN annually. Just a simple annual visit is enough to address your reproductive health & better monitor what is wrong.

Bear in Mind!

If there is some problem with your reproductive health then you will get to know about the same on time. When there is something wrong then you will know better when you consult one of the Best IVF Centre in Ludhiana.

Health conditions need utmost priority

Stats have shown that health issues like high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, & STI’s like HPV are known for increasing cervical cancer risk. The issue is that these health issues might not show any symptoms in the first place which creates more problems & the person is in a dilemma what’s the issue. All these conditions are chronic as they begin to damage the body from inside. As different body parts are affected so it will create that problem & it will make your health go down and down.

You may get to know the seriousness of the situation when you try to conceive. In case you are having difficulty conceiving naturally then get the doctor’s expertise on whether ICSI treatment in Punjab is right for you or not.

What are the signs to consult the primary care doctor?

Here are some of the signs which tells that you have to consult the primary care doctor to manage your health by getting timely treatment:

  • Blood pressure: should be 120/80 or less
  • Total cholesterol needs to be <200 mg/dL
  • BMI right range is b/w 19 to 25 (for women)
  • Fasting blood glucose 70-99 mg/dL