Everything you need to know about the process of collecting sperm

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You recently get to know that you need to get fertility treatment. Well, people are mostly aware of female infertility and how the treatment will be done but they are not aware of male infertility yet and here we discuss some terms related to male infertility and the process of collecting sperm.

What is andrology?

This is a medical specialty which deals in male health, specifically linked with the male reproductive system along with urological issue.

What is the need to visit the andrology department?

If you are facing trouble getting pregnant then the fertility doctor will give a form for andrology testing to know the reason for your problem.

How to prepare for the appointment?

In that case, you must have the referral in which testing is needed and it should be signed by the doctor. Keep in mind to follow the abstinence period.

Just make when you are getting the male infertility treatment follow all the guidelines given by your doctor.

What is the abstinence period?

In this period you do not have to ejaculate because of following reasons:

  • The ideal time is 3 days or 2 to 5 days is also acceptable. You will be informed before the appointment on which day you have to ejaculate
  • When you visit for the appointment you will be asked when did you ejaculate last to make sure you followed the timeline of abstinence period.

Why not following the instructions create a problem?

If the abstinence period is too long then the immotile sperm count will increase. If it is too short then semen volume will decrease along with mature sperm.

In the clinic, where the sample should be given?

The sample is collected in private rooms and a sterilized sample jar of 70 ml is given.

How to make sure there is enough sample?

The lowest volume to ejaculate is 1.5ml which 1/3rd of the teaspoon. However, the focus is on the quality of the sperm.

At any point, if you have any doubts or concern just make sure to ask the fertility doctor. If you are not able to get the right help then visit our IVF Center in Punjab.

Is it possible to collect the sperm with intercourse?

Yes, it is possible to collect the sample by intercourse by only non-toxic condom should be used. In case, the sperm needs to be frozen or used for ART the sample is removed from the condom.

What is the maximum time to spend in the collection room?

Usually, it takes around 10 minutes to collect the sample.

Is it possible to collect the sample at home?

Yes, but the sample should be delivered within one hour. This guideline is given by the World Health Organization because after that the sperm movement starts declining. 

Is there a need to fast for this?

For the test, there is no need to fast.

If you have any doubt then make sure to book your appointment with our fertility doctor.