Is There Any Difference Or Similarities Between Test Tube Baby And IVF?

Difference Between Test Tube Baby And IVF

You might have heard people associating test tube babies with IVF.

It might have involved several questions in your head, whether both the terms are the same or if there are any differences.

In fact, there might be many who would not be well aware of what that even means and if there is any difference.

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Are they the same thing? Or both have some dissimilarities.

In this blog, we will get to learn some more.

Is There Any Difference Between IVF And Test Tube Baby?

To answer your question in short, no, there is no difference between IVF or a test tube baby. It is the same thing you can undergo in the Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab.

People use both terms interchangeably to describe the procedure: in vitro fertilization or IVF.

Test tube baby is an umbrella term that people use to describe assisted reproduction technology. When a couple cannot produce a child naturally because of infertility, they seek help from assisted reproductive technology such as IVF, ICSI, or IUI.

Why Do People Call IVF As Test Tube Baby?

People coined the term test tube baby because of the fact that in this treatment in the Low Cost Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab, fertilization creates embryos in the test tube instead of the fallopian tube in the woman. The doctor uses a petri dish in order to fertilize the egg. From here, they term it “in vitro” rather than “in vivo,” which basically means within a living body.

What Is The Procedure Of IVF?

The whole process of IVF or test tube baby is a long one that takes quite some time. There are quite a few things, such as ovarian reserve, that a doctor might evaluate before they begin the whole procedure. Apart from that, the doctor might also conduct USG in order to examine the ovaries and other reproductive organs.

Firstly, they develop quite a few follicles, so it would be easy for them to administer fertility medicines in the first phase.

After that, around 36 hours later, the doctor will perform a follicular puncture. This technique helps in retrieving the eggs from the ovaries. Later the doctor performs insemination, where the sperm from the semen sample that they harvested beforehand combines with the egg for the purposes of fertilization in the petri dish.

As soon as the egg fertilizes and becomes an embryo, the surgeon places them back in the woman’s uterus with the help of a catheter after the conception three to five days later.

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