Sofat Infertility Centre – A Ray OF Hope For Infertile Couples

Sofat Infertility Centre Punjab – A Ray OF Hope For Infertile Couples

Infertility is explained as an inability to conceive a child. There are many causes of infertility in both genders such as hormonal changes, hereditary factors, low sperm count, and obesity.

Many people lean toward IVF treatment which is known as In-vitro fertilization. This treatment is totally safe and secure because it gives you more successful results. Our Ivf center in India is the best clinic or center in order to treat infertility in both sexes. Many people choose many other treatments such as IUI, GIFT, and traditional test tube baby treatment.


IVF treatment-: A ray of hope for infertile couples

IVF treatment is known as In-vitro fertilization in which your surgeon collects your immature eggs and then combined those eggs with your partner’s sperm. This whole process is done in the clinic lab outside your body. During this process, your surgeon will check the sperm count and quality, if he finds any issue with that then he will suggest your partner take the treatment first. After that surgeon implanted that fertilized embryos into the woman’s uterus in order to get pregnant. Sometimes, your surgeon freezes that eggs for future need. Or if a needed person requires that eggs, then he will give them to conceive a baby.

This treatment is totally safe and secure because it gives you 100 percent successful results. Moreover, this procedure has four major steps, for example, ovulation induction, egg retrieval, fertilization, and then implantation. This process takes time to do because after the egg retrieval it takes 4 days to fertilize.

Test tube baby treatment-: This the part of IVF treatment, basically IVF treatment is an advanced version of this procedure. In the previous years, many people choose test tube baby procedure because in this process babies born as a result of artificial insemination. But nowadays, this treatment is replaced with the success of IVF treatment.

Moreover, the researchers of Canadian and European labs found a gene which is known as Lrh1, which is useful to regulate the ovulation. They said that this gene is too effective and plays a crucial role in blocking ovulation.

The success of IVF treatment

The success of IVF treatment is based on many factors such as age, previous pregnancy, and infertility causes. In addition, no doubt this procedure gives you 100% success but it also depends on your lifestyle habits and uses of donor eggs. If you want to conceive a child with IVF treatment then you should maintain a healthy lifestyle such as maintain a healthy weight because obesity is the big reason for infertility in women. Moreover, the success of this procedure also depends on the sperm quality of your male partner. If he has low sperm count and poor quality sperm then he should first go with low sperm treatment. After that, he will give his sperm to the surgeon for fertilization. This is necessary to improve your chances of conception and it also maximizes your success rate.


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