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New fertility clinic gives hope to young cancer patients

IVF has proved to be a boon to infertile couples who discover that they are infertile in their reproductive years. However, something strange is happening in the medical world which sees young cancer patients every year. There have been cases of kids who are way away from their reproductive age but have been unfortunately diagnosed with the dreaded disease called cancer. IVF technique is proving to be a boon for such cases as well. According to IVF Center in Punjab, the technique comes to the rescue of the cancer patients who are hopeful of becoming parents in the future.

Fertility and IVF

Some young patients who are still on the verge of their adolescent years have been diagnosed with cancer. The verdict has a lot of implications about their future life. For such patients, it has become a norm to get their reproductive tissues extracted and frozen so that they can become parents without any hassle in the future. In the case of women, a part of the ovarian tissue is cut and preserved. The same can be carried out in men with their testicular tissue. 

How the tissues can be used in future

The procedure is simple. Hopefully, if the patient recovers well and his or her fertility returns, there will be no need for these preserved reproductive tissues. However, if we consider the worst-case scenario, the patients could get treated but fail to become parents in the future. It will be at this point that the patient will bless the doctor who suggested the preservation. With the frozen tissues, the patient can become a parent using the IV F technique

IVF: what does it entail?

If you are still ignorant about IVF, let me tell you, it is the most popular ART technique. It is used by infertile couples to realize their dream of becoming parents. The procedure involves the following steps –

  • Diagnosis of the patient
  • Analysis of the ovulation cycle of the woman
  • Stimulation of the ovulation cycle by medication
  • Observation of the cycle, and extraction of the eggs when they are mature enough to be taken out from the woman’s body
  • Extraction of the sperms from the male’s body and keeping them safely till the fusion tales place
  • The fusion of the egg and the sperm in a lab petri dish
  • Observation of the embryos and allow them to grow
  • Pick out the best quality embryos and implant them into the uterus of the woman
  • Check the status of the woman after some time. If the implantation is successful, she reports a pregnancy.
  • If some quality embryos are remaining, they are preserved for the future use by the couple or donated for helping other infertile couples.
  • In case the cycle is not successful, it is repeated. Many couples need to go through repeated cycles before they succeed.

The technique has shown the best results among all the ART techniques. It has the highest success rates among all the ART techniques.

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