The Support You Need During Your Infertility Struggles

The Support You Need During Your Infertility Struggles

Don’t say that it is okay when it isn’t okay! Infertility is a real battle or war that millions of couples have to face in this present century. A number of factors can cause infertility, beginning with ovulation disorders, PCOS, endometriosis, age advancement, fibroids, previous pregnancy complications, hormonal imbalances, genes and many more.

To make matters worse, at least 27 million couples have to deal with secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is when a woman fails to become pregnant again, despite the fact that she had a successful pregnancy before. According to fertility experts, the causes of both primary and secondary infertility don’t differ that much.

The Support You Need During Your Infertility Struggle

Infertility is associated with all kinds of challenges that can be categorized under; emotional, psychological, marital, and social stigma. Imagine going for holidays and the house is filled with children, but yours are nowhere to be seen. This is definitely depressing and heartbreaking.

Due to the fact that infertility tends to be a personal matter, you may choose to share your emotions and pain with a trusted friend. Definitely, we all need that at one point in life in order to get the strength to carry on.

For Those Who May Desire To Share Their Support

Whether you are a counselor, a trusted friend or not, you have to be realistic about the kind of advice you offer your friend. Don’t tell your friend to take a vacation to another country as though that will solve their situation.

Or tell them to relax as you may never know the degree of pain the couple is dealing with. When it comes to adoption, please try not to advise your friend to do so, unless all possible treatments failed to work.

Here is what to say;

  • Advise the couple to consult a fertility doctor

  • In case you don’t know what to say, tell it to her in order to be real.

  • Provide several fertility tips like fertility cleansing, yoga, acupuncture, or dietary ideas

  • Dedicate yourself to sending your friend inspirational texts

  • In case of any idea or plan, execute it together if possible

  • Buy her some unique gifts

  • Your compliments are required

Clinical Support

Choosing to see a fertility doctor for counseling and evaluating your treatment options is essential. Through this, you will learn and explore the various infertility treatment plans to help you have your own children.

In Vitro Fertilization ‘IVF’ is an excellent infertility approach to having your own children. It will generally requires the couple to meet the fertility expert one-on-one.

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