What do you need to know if you are trying to have a baby with IVF treatment?

Procedure of IVF treatment

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: Trying to conceive but the results are not coming successful. It might be surprising that you haven’t noticed any infertility sign and you don’t feel infertile. This means it is time to consult the doctor about the treatment of IVF.

No doubt, this is a very big decision as it will impact different aspects of your life which include relationship, emotions, time, and finance. You should visit our IVF centre in India and meet the team of an expert fertility specialist.

Explain the procedure of IVF and how will I feel?

During the treatment, the women are given fertility drugs which help in increasing the number of eggs which are needed for fertilization. Also, the treatment plan will vary from patient to patient as every case is different. Here we have mentioned how it actually feels to undergo the treatment:

  • Stimulating the ovaries

The fertility hormone which makes the eggs grow is follicle stimulating hormone which is injected into the skin with tailored doses. With the hormone, it helps the ovaries to produce more eggs which are very beneficial for the treatment. Once the eggs are mature, they are taken out from the ovaries with a very invasive procedure.

The hormones leave potential side effects which are mild like nausea, headache, tenderness where the injection is given, irritation, and restlessness.

  • Retrieving the egg

When the eggs are matured up to 18mm in size and the estrogen level should be consistent to plan the egg harvest.

To finalize egg growth & development trigger injection is given. After 36 hours, with surgical procedure eggs will be retrieved so that they can be kept with sperm for fertilization.

During the procedure, a very fine needle is inserted through the vagina so that eggs can be collected.

  • Fertilization

After that, the embryologist will wash the eggs and prepare them for fertilization. After that, they are placed in a dish with sperm which was collected previously.

In some cases, the embryologist directly inserts the sperm into the eggs by ICSI process.

The embryologist will let you know how many eggs are fertilized. After that, for some days the embryo will be there in a dish and kept under body temperature. Their growth and development will be monitored continuously. Once they are ready, it will be transferred back to the womb which helps the women to conceive.

After that, you have to wait for 2 weeks and then the doctor will perform a blood test in which HCG level is checked. It tells that the women are pregnant.

If you are facing issue then you should seek the help of the best fertility specialist at the right time so that they can start the treatment.

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