What are the most effective tips to boost male fertility and sperm count?

Tips to boost male fertility Punjab

Infertility problem is growing all over the world. One in 6 couples is diagnosed with a fertility problem at the IVF centre. In this article, we are going to focus on tips to improve male fertility.

Causes Of Low Sperm Count

Tips to improve male Fertility

Sperm Health How to Increase Fertility in Men

  • Start a Workout regime

Exercise not only improves the physical appearance but also helps in raising the testosterone level. Research has shown that an increased level of testosterone is important for male fertility. Make sure that you are physically more active to improve fertility. However, putting too much stress on the body is not helpful in any manner.

  • Consume D-Aspartic Acid Supplements

It is a form of aspartic acid. The D-AA is found in the testicles, semen, and sperm cells. Research has shown that in fertile men the D-AA is in a higher amount as compared to infertile men.

Studies have shown that it helps in increasing the level of testosterone which is an integral part of male fertility. Just make sure that you take the right amount by consulting the doctor.

  • The right amount of Vitamin C

One of the studies has shown that taking Vitamin C: 1000mg 5 times a week for at least 3 months helps to protect the body from DNA damage caused by the ROS. Moreover, their consumption also helps in improving sperm motility and sperm count as well as reduce the number of unhealthy sperm.

  • Include Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is also helpful in boosting the testosterone level. The study has shown that infertile men have a deficiency of Vitamin D. This study was done on around 65 men. Taking Vitamin D3 (3,000 IU) continuously for one year has shown to increase the testosterone level by 25 percent.

  • Tribulus Terrestris Cna improve fertility

They are also referred to as puncturevine and have shown to improve male fertility. Men who took 6 grams of Tribulus daily for 2 months have better libido and improved erectile function. Well, its effectiveness is still in the research and what are the possible risk factor associated with it.

  • Increase the intake of zinc

Zinc is an important part of male fertility. It is found in animal food such as fish, egg, meat, and shellfish. Studies have shown that men with zinc deficiency have poor sperm quality, low testosterone levels, and increased risk of male infertility. If you are not sure how much you need to take then do consult the doctor before making any decision.

  • Increase intake of maca root

It is a popular plant food which is linked with the ability to increase fertility and sexual desire. Research has shown that men who take dried maca 1.5–3 grams for 3 months have improved sex desire and erectile function.

  • Manage the stress level

Stress is not important for well-being and fertility. Stress can affect testosterone levels negatively. So, make sure you start meditating, do yoga, and do things that you love the most.


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