Increase Woman’s Chances Of Becoming Pregnant When Neither She Nor Her Partner Known Fertility Problem

Tips To Increase A Healthy Woman's Chances Of Becoming Pregnant When Neither She Nor Her Partner Has A Known Fertility Problem

They become more conscious for the food beverages and drugs to optimize their fertility and to improve the odds of having baby.

When couple is not known about their fertility problem then following tips can work better for them

Recording the frequency of period

For the healthy pregnancy menstrual cycle must be frequent and women must monitor that whether she is having 5 days of regular period of each month or not? She can track the information on the calendar as it could help to predict about her ovulation in which her egg gets released and get fertilized with the male sperm that stay in woman body for 6 days.

Examining ovulation

It is important to monitor the ovulation even with irregular period. Woman ovulate usually before the 12 to 16 days the start of next period.

Ovulation can be predicted with the medical kits and symptoms like increase in body temperature by keeping the record of body temperature, generally temperature increase while ovulation.

Have frequent sex

Women fertile window remain for 6 days and it come 5 days before the ovulation so having sex in this fertilize window can increase the chances of pregnancy.

Maintain body weight

Fertility and body weight have close relation with each other both over and underweight can decrease the chances of getting pregnant so it is important to control weight for regular and frequent ovulation.

Taking prenatal vitamin

Taking prenatal vitamin if you are planning pregnancy is also beneficial as these vitamins not only boost the chances of pregnancy but also these multi vitamins overcome the weakness,

Healthy diet

Diet can also boost the chances of getting pregnant as some specific foods and fruits are enriched with the protein, iron, Vitamin, calcium and many more which become the reason for increase in their pregnancy success rates.

Improve your daily habits

Even pregnancy can be affected by unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle such as drinking, smoking and drugs which decrease the fertility and chances of getting pregnant.

Consider age factor

With the age women infertility get decrease as after the age of 35 ovulation get decreased so which become problem for pregnancy.

Create fertility friendly environment at home and workplace

Always keep away from the exposure of toxins that affect the fertility negatively and even try to make stress free environment all over so that chances for pregnancy can be boosted up