Weight Loss Yet you are a PCOS victim, What can be done?

Weight Loss Yet you are a PCOS victim, What can be done?

You will find it hard to control, manage, or eliminate extra pounds when you are a PCOS victim. Normally, this condition may require both clinical and home management tips to eliminate excessive weight. Your life may also get complicated in case battling infertility. Contact at best IVF centre in punjab.

According to the latest research, women with PCOS have a higher risk of becoming obese or attaining extra pounds with a few months. Since it is difficult to ascertain one’s chances of developing PCOS, fertility experts explain that childbearing women must keep track of their weight (BMI) to reduce the chances of infertility.

PCOS is managed through various ways since there is direct approach to treating PCOS in any Fertility centre. but reducing it in natural ways helps you to save time and money. However, reducing weight, using Metformin, other possible drugs, lifestyle changes can help reduce the PCOS’ effect on a woman.

Consider the following ways to shed the required pounds

Regular Physical exercises & Diet

Regular exercise and dietary changes are considered an immediate approach to weight loss. These can be followed regardless of the weight loss treatment you are undergoing. A low carb diet and eliminating fast foods from your lifestyle can help moderate your weight

Bariatric Surgery

Many individuals opt for this weight loss treatment mainly for cosmetic reasons, but even PCOS patients can consider the same provided it is recommended by your fertility expert or dietician. Weight loss surgical approaches include;

  • Gastric banding- it is a minor surgery where the size of the stomach is reduced using a band at the upper part

  • Gastric bypass- this is a major surgery where a smaller stomach pouch is made and the intestines joined to it.

You can opt for surgery as long as you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 40 and you are an adult

Obese patients are recommended to opt for other weight loss approaches that utilizing weight loss medication since they are associated with higher risks of causing cardiovascular disease, stroke, and various heart issues