What are Sperm Abnormalities? Types, causes and Treatment Options


Sperm is a component of the reproductive system in males. It helps to fertilize the women’s eggs. It is the process of pregnancy. Suppose when women’s eggs don’t fertilize, it also can be the cause of sperm abnormality. Sperm abnormality means that there are variations in sperm, like sperm structure, count, and other changes in hormones, that make it difficult for a couple to have a baby. It could be because male do not produce enough sperm, and their shape is not normal. It can develop for many reasons, like unhealthy habits and certain health problems. When individuals experience sperm abnormality, doctors help to find the right way to cure sperm issues. The  IVF Centre in Punjab can help a spouse to restore fertility and get a healthy childbirth.

Types of Sperm Abnormalities 

Low Sperm 

This condition happens when semen holds lower sperm as compared to the normal range. It can impact on male fertility system. This condition occurs for various reasons, such as genetic, hormonal imbalance, infection, and other functions. 

Poor Sperm Motility

This condition refers to the capability of sperm to move properly around the egg. It can happen when a high level of sperm has decreased motility. Poor sperm motility can make it hard for the sperm to fertilize the egg. It can be caused by genetic factors, infections and when the body is exposed to toxins. 

Abnormal Sperm Morphology

This type of condition happens when sperm has abnormal shapes and sizes. This condition can be the cause of decreased fertility. It also raises the chances of miscarriage. 

Causes of Sperm Abnormalities

Age and Unhealthy Lifestyle 

Sometimes, sperm abnormalities can be caused by age. When you adopt an unhealthy lifestyle, it can impact the quality and quantity of sperm production, which involves bad habits like alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use, no right choice to eat, lack of activities, and high levels of stress. Sometimes, environmental factors can also decrease sperm production and quality, like when men work in chemical factories like pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemical areas. 

Medical conditions 

Males suffer from many disorders like infections, hormonal imbalance, being overweight, diabetes, and other conditions. It can lead to decreased sperm production. 

Symptoms of Sperm Abnormalities 

Males, when they have sperm abnormalities, can’t see noticeable signs. The main sign is when a couple does not conceive naturally. It can happen when they do not produce sufficient sperm and are not in the correct shape, so it can be hard to fertilize the woman’s egg. It is essential to understand the reason. It is essential to discuss this with experts. They properly figure out the reason and provide efficient treatment, which helps a couple to have a baby.

The impact of Sperm abnormalities 

Emotional stress

When males have abnormal sperm conditions, it can lead to bad relationships and also impact mental health. 


Abnormal sperm conditions can cause male infertility. It makes it difficult for a couple to get a baby. In such situations, they need medical treatment, which helps to increase the chances of having babies. You can get treatment from the  Best IVF Centre in Srinagar, which provides a reliable treatment for your male infertility. 

Treatment Options 

Consult with experts 

Males suffer from abnormal sperm, so it is essential to consult with experts so they can figure out the main reason for infertility and provide a suitable treatment. This treatment depends on your sperm conditions, which include hormone therapy, surgical options or other methods.  

Lifestyle changes 

When you opt for a healthy lifestyle, you take proper nutrient foods, do regular activities, and avoid stress and drug abuse. It helps to increase your fertility. 

Sperm problems can make it tough to have babies because it indicates some abnormalities in the sperm. If you are facing such a problem, then consult with our experts. Visit Dr. Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital to figure out the reason for your problem and to get efficient treatment accordingly.