PCOD: How the problem can be solved by following a strict diet and exercise?

Solving PCOD issue with Diet and Exercise

What is PCOD?

PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease) or PCOS is the most common health issue faced by many women. No doubt, the problem is very common but still, people don’t detect the problem at the right time is not given proper attention. Moreover, many people even don’t know that they are facing the problem.

Some of its symptoms include weight gain, excess hair growth, irregular menstrual cycle, hair thinning, acne, infertility, and insulin resistance.

Dealing with PCOD is a natural way

Here we are going to discuss how to follow a healthy diet and a proper routine of exercise.


Following a proper diet helps in controlling the Problem effectively. But how to check that you are overweight so that you can reduce it? According to BMI, if the weight is above 25 then it means you have to lose it. You should consult the doctor so that you get to understand it properly.

  • Add Nutrients in your diet

You should add oats and fruits in your diet. You do not have to follow a crazy diet chart. Your body needs nutrition so you have to focus on that thing. The goal should not lose weight but it should be giving it what it needs. Adding anti-inflammatory food in your diet is very helpful. You should add blueberries, pineapple, and green veggies. Also add food rich in protein like egg, fish, chicken breast, and avocados. But, you have to also focus on getting the right amount of food for every item.

  • Say goodbye to fast food

you have to avoid processed food as it is not all good for health. Instead of it start consuming fruits and vegetables.

  • Not all fat is a bad option

The body also needs fat which is helpful for the body. Adding good fat in your diets like salmon, fish, mackerel, and avocados will help your body to absorb vitamins like D, A, E, and K.

Additionally, having small meals will also help like having a smoothie in the morning and in the noon having a sandwich is the best option. In case you are facing problem then you can visit our IVF centre in India.


There is no doubt, exercise is helpful in making the body and mind perfect. But how does exercise helps in solving this issue? If you workout daily for 2 months then you might not see changes physically but internally it will make a lot of difference.

  • Combined workout

You have to do a combined workout of cardio and start working on building strength. Cardio helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and also helps in losing weight. Over time, it will start building muscle and also improve the metabolic rate.

  • Try some other things also

You should add other options like yoga, aerobics, pilates, and Zumba. Additionally hiking and cycling is also a great option.