What measures can be undertaken to improve the fertility of egg to raise chances of conceiving?

What measures can be undertaken to improve the fertility of egg to raise chances of conceiving

The infertility issues have inclined considerably over the last few decades. People have been struggling to become parents. This has led to a quantum jump in the number of fertility treatments available all over the world. Even in a conservative country like India, people are increasingly opting for fertility treatments. This has made available many best test tube baby centers in India. Even for the fertility treatments, one has to be cautious and take many steps for raising the chances of success of the treatment.

Measures to improve fertility

These are mentioned below:

  • Hormonal balance: the entire process of fertilization depends on the hormones. Any inappropriate balance of hormone can cause insurmountable fertility issues. Hormonal imbalance can be caused by environmental factors, stress, or any other reason. Hormonal imbalance can have an adverse effect on ovulation process due to unsynchronized fertility cycle. The hormonal issues can be resolved by consumption of fertility superfoods such as Maca. Besides, one can also undergo clean up of the excessive system of hormones for getting the hormonal balance back on track.
  • Improvement in the flow of blood and oxygenation: the production of healthy eggs in a woman’s body relies excessively on the healthy flow of blood. The blood flow is then dependent on a proper supply of oxygen to the body. This can be maintained by drinking sufficient amount of water every day which accounts for almost 8 glasses per day. Along with this, the women desiring to become pregnant should indulge themselves in some easy and regular exercised which can comprise cycling, walking, running, swimming, yoga etc.
  • Intake of a healthy balanced diet: the food and eating habits have a dominant effect on the fertility of the couple. When either of the partners is into uncontrolled smoking or alcohol consumption, the fertility of the egg and the sperm are negatively disturbed. This poses problems for them to conceive. Instead, the couple planning to conceive should engage in the consumption of broccoli, berries, halibut, salmon, dark leafy vegetables, turmeric, ginger, royal jelly, pumpkin seeds etc. They should keep themselves away from eating soda, trans fat, caffeine, processed foods etc.
  • Consumption of prenatal multivitamins and antioxidants: prenatal vitamins consist of the essential and vitamins nutrients the body requires for conception. Antioxidants supplements protect the eggs from unwanted damage.
  • Avoiding stress: stress is the enemy of women planning to conceive. This can speed down their fertility process causing unwanted delays in pregnancy.
  • Switching to alternative therapies: there are many therapies such as massage, yoga, acupuncture, and herbal medicines that can assist in the productivity and fertility of the women.

Overall, there are small things that can bring about significant changes in the process of fertility. Therefore, all those planning to conceive naturally and through treatment should make required alterations in their lifestyle and keep a check on their dietary and lifestyle habits to make their attempt of having a child fruitful.

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