What is white discharge and how to know whether it is normal or abnormal?

everything about white discharge

White discharge is explained as an excess amount of fluid discharge from the lady’s vagina. Well, this is the normal condition in women, but some times they experience this due to abnormalities in the vagina such as infection and other types of problems.

Well, many ladies do not take this seriously, because they are not aware of this condition. If you leave it untreated then, you will surely experience many types of problems in the future related to reproductive organs. You may also suffer from infertility due to this, which can only be treated with the help of IVF or test tube baby in India.

Normal White Discharge

Many girls suffer from this condition such as white discharge; there are two types of white discharge such as normal and abnormal white discharge. In addition, normal white discharge includes-:

  • The vaginal gland secretion
  • Cervical gland secretion
  • Endocervical mucus
  • The presence of good bacteria in the vagina.

How to know whether it is normal or abnormal?

Well, there are several factors which clarify you whether it is normal or abnormal white discharge.

Indications to know about normal discharge

  • Discharge is odorless
  • White discharge is in liquid form
  • It does not cause any itching or pain
  • Normal discharge is white in color
  • Secretion in small quantities

Reasons behind Abnormal discharge

  • Poor hygiene of the vaginal area
  • Prolonged use of medications like antibiotics
  • Stress and depression as well.
  • Infections caused by HIV, Candida fungi, Sexual diseases such as Gonorrhea, bacteria, and Trichomonas parasite.
  • You may experience it due to cervical cancer.

Indications of Abnormal White Discharge

There are several indications you need to know about abnormal white discharge so that you can get rid of this problem on time. These include-:

  • Abnormal white discharge has a sticky form
  • It is milky white, light green, or yellow in color.
  • Abnormal discharge has a bad smell.
  • It contains blood clots or spots.
  • You may experience Secretion in large quantities
  • It leads you to genital itching and pain

Moreover, if you experience all the changes in white discharge, then you need to visit the doctor immediately. He will first examine you and then recommend your treatment option according to your condition.

Ways to treat Abnormal White Discharge

Abnormal discharge condition is caused due to infection and bacteria in the vagina. This happens due to the unhygienic vagina, so you need to clean it several times a day in order to reduce the risk of a serious condition. You must avoid using common bathrooms and pools and always wear cotton underwear.

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