7 Ways to Improve Low Sperm Count By Dr. Sumita Sofat

7 Ways to Improve Low Sperm Count

If we go by the facts uncovered by a study related to male infertility, which was conducted by Oxford academy, the past 38 years have seen a decline in sperm concentration by 52 percent. According to IVF Center in Punjab, although the research did not delve into the causes of the decline, it is a known fact that cigarette smoking, alcoholism, and drug abuse deteriorates the sperm quality and motility.

1. A healthy diet

Ditch the processed foods and give way to fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. A sperm friendly diet includes bananas, spinach, asparagus, carrots, and broccoli.

2. Sweat it out

Under or overweight women and men have fertility complications. Exercising and staying active will help in nullifying these potential risks. However, you must not take testosterone or other anabolic drugs for increasing your muscle mass. These might lead to an increase in low sperm counts and motility.

3. Smoking

Smoking negatively impacts all the parameters of sperm health like sperm motility, sperm count, and sperm morphology. These factors impact the sperm’s ability to swim to the egg. Once you stop smoking, your sperm health will show a relative improvement.

4. Leave Alcoholism

Couples in which both partners were alcoholics were likely to have 21 % lower chances of live birth as compared to light drinkers. Alcoholics have lower testosterone levels accompanied by poor sperm quality and reduced quantity. But there is good news! By reducing your consumption of alcohol, there will be a reversal of these side effects on sperm health.

5. Heat Exposure

It is a norm to work on your laptop and use mobile the whole day. However, the heat generated through these devices causes infertility. Men should also avoid frequent and long sessions at saunas, steam rooms, and hot bathtubs. Although they do not cause permanent damage to sperm, exposure to heat may adversely affect your fertility. The good news is that the sperm quality will return once the excessive exposure to heat is discontinued, although it may take some months.

6. Bust the Stress in your life

Stress has shown to be a great fertility impairment factor. Prolonged stress elevates the cortisol levels, which leads to a negative influence on testosterone. An elevation in the cortisol level causes testosterone levels to go down.

7. Get sufficient sleep

Getting sufficient and good quality sleep is one of the most significant things which affect your sperm motility. According to research, men who regularly get 7-8 hours of sleep have higher fertility. They have a 42% higher chance of successfully impregnating their partners in comparison to men who sleep less. Male infertility is affected by many of the lifestyle changes listed above.