Explain the theory of 9th-month pregnancy by 9 days after embryo implantation?

Pregnancy after embryo transfer

Pregnancy is the most crucial period of life, that everyone wants to make it memorable. For this, they need to take care of their health properly. This is also necessary to give birth to a healthy child. In addition to this, there are so many couples, who are suffering from infertility condition, that is explained as an inability to have babies.

In this condition, you need to visit the IVF centre in Punjab, so that you can get the right treatment for your condition. Since, IVF is explained as In-Vitro Fertilization that is specially designed for those, who are suffering from infertility. Well, millions of people ask us, how IVF works. If you are wondering to know how it works, you need to read this article carefully at the end.

This treatment includes 4 stages such as-:

Day 1: AT the first day after embryo transfer, your cells divide, also the blastocyst starts in order to get hatched from its shell. After this, the growth of embryo starts and continues.

Day 2: During the second after embryo transfer, your embryo starts to attach to the uterine lining. Also, growth of the blastocyst continues and hatching also out of its shell. Well, this is the day, which tells you about embryo implantation failure or success. Or you may experience light bleeding on the second day.

Day 3: If your embryo implantation is a success, then blastocyst completely attach into the uterine lining, and then implantation of the embryo starts. Or you may also experience light bleeding on the third day as well.

Day 4: You may experience light bleeding in the 4tth day as well and the blastocyst also continues to get attached to the uterus lining. In addition, embryo implantation continues, or if you do not experience any type of bleeding or spotting at the second, third or fourth day as well. Then it does not mean that implantation has not happened.

Day 5: At the 5th day, implantation is completed and then embryo begins to develop. And in this stage, cells from the placenta additionally begin to grow and develop gradually.

Day 6: At this stage, growing embryo set off the release of HCG that is known as human chorionic gonadotropin into the bloodstream. Well, hCG is a type of hormone that is developed by the placenta immediately after implantation.

Day 7: At this day, the embryo starts developing quickly and the placenta starts to take shape.

Day 8: In this stage, the baby starts to grow and More HCG release into the blood.

Day 9: During the 9th day, you have to take a pregnancy test so that you can get knowledge about successful implantation as well.

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