Are you seeking for delay in having child then you must know?

Are you seeking for delay in having child then you must know?

These tests generally entail some physical checkups, some informative questions and some needed blood tests but only few people are there that go for the regular examination once or twice a year.

When it comes to young women then not much unhealthy revelations are made as they are hale and hearty due to their age and activeness. Good diet consumption by the young women enables the quick healing and repair of the body but still there are some specific tests that must be done to know about the fertility condition of women especially that wish to have delay in planning their family.

IVF specialists suggest that young women must go for AMH level test to know about their fertility so that they can plan for the delay in having child accordingly.

What is AMH level test?

It is Anti Mullerian Hormone level test that is done to examine the fertility of the woman. This test analyzes the ovarian reserve and tells about the quantity of egg cells present.

This test is beneficial for the women that are not planning for the child as they can know about their fertility stands and can take decision about the delay in having child. Even this test considered as the good index for the functioning of the ovaries.

Even though Today’s contemporary women is unfazed by the expectations of the society  yet she is determined to excel professionally and want to make her career shine and even do not haste to get love, marriage and children. These determined women shine in every field and accomplish many things in life including the name, bank accounts but generally plan for the family around their mid thirties.

However in the age of 30s biological structure of the females does not support such lifestyle and their decision of family  as during their age the quality and quantity of female eggs start depleting so the females in the age of mid thirties become component to get fertilized  and form the healthy embryo for happy pregnancy.

So AMH test is essential for the woman after the age of 25 so that they can plan for the gap between their achievements and family.  Determination of the condition of the ovarian reserve and functioning can help them to decide whether they can afford for the delay in pregnancy or not.

Even they can know beforehand whether they can conceive naturally or go for IVF procedure with frozen eggs and healthy embryos. If AMH level indicate that in the future their eggs will not remain healthy enough then they can have a way of conceiving their own child using their own frozen eggs  in future .

AMH level test also enable the IVF experts to map and compare the development of ovarian function and if they find that ovarian reserve is depleting rapidly then they can suggest accordingly to the woman about having or not having delay in getting pregnant.