Everything you need to know about Artificial Insemination and IUI?

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What is Artificial Insemination?

Artificial insemination is an infertility treatment in which your surgeon injects sperm directly to the female’s womb for conception. In addition, your surgeon only injects the healthy sperm after proper washing and preparation, so that you can get successful results.

Moreover, artificial insemination has two approaches such as IUI which is additionally known as intrauterine insemination and ICI named as intracervical insemination. In order to get this treatment, you have to visit the test tube baby centre in Punjab. Since Punjab is the region where you get effective and successful treatments at affordable prices. Additionally, your surgeon may give you some oral medications along with treatment in order to increase your chances of conception.

The procedure of Artificial insemination treatment

The procedure of artificial insemination is totally safe and secure because this is the procedure which actually performs under the supervision of an experienced and trained fertility specialist. In this procedure, your surgeon firstly collects the sample of semen from your male partner and then wash it in the clinical lab so that he can remove all the impurities. After this process, he injects the healthy sperm cells into your uterus with careful consideration.

Moreover, this infertility treatment is a successful treatment for couples who are unable to conceive a child. Let’s see who need this treatment-:

  • Ladies who are suffering from endometriosis
  • Men with low sperm count and have poor sperm motility
  • Couples who are suffering from infertility due to genetic factors
  • At last, women whose cervical mucus may not supportive of conception.

IUI method of artificial insemination treatment

IUI is additionally known as intrauterine insemination which is designed for people with above-mentioned fertility problems. Additionally, this IUI process is usually performed at the doctor’s facility because it needs careful consideration. The steps of this process are quite similar to other methods of artificial insemination but in this method, your surgeon first washes sperm. Let’s have look at the actual process of IUI method.

  • Firstly your surgeon examines your health condition and ovulation cycle before performing this process. After examining your health he may prescribe you a few medicines in order to increase the chances of success.
  • Then an infertility specialist collects the semen sample and examines it whether it has any type of abnormalities or not. And then he injects the healthy sperm cells with a thin needle into your uterus. Before the injection process, he washes and prepares the sperm cells so that you cannot face any difficulty in your pregnancy.
  • No doubt more bed rest is not recommended in this treatment but you have to take rest for one to two hour for better and successful results. So that sperm can easily move to the uterus and meets the eggs for fertilization and you can easily conceive a child.
  • At last, You will able to go back to your normal routine the same day but you have to follow the instructions that are given by your surgeon.

Moreover, this procedure is totally safe but some times couples may experience the risk of multiple pregnancies or triplets. In this situation, you should visit our fertility centre for a regular checkup.

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