Azoospermia: a vital clue to male infertility

Azoospermia | What Causes a Man to Have No Sperm in His Semen.

Azoospermia is a medical condition in which the concerned male’s semen is devoid of sperm. It is the primary cause of male infertility. It is seen in as many as 20 percent of the male population. Azoospermia treatment may be a congenital defect. There are two main reasons for such  condition. The first condition might be that no sperm production is occurring. It is not a cause for worry as both the cases are completely treatable.

Azoospermia Diagnostic procedure

If the critical amount of sperm production is not met, they may be present in the testis but fail to find their way to the ejaculate.

Non-surgical treatment of Azoospermia

It can be rectified by surgery. Another alternative is also there for people who don’t want to opt for surgery. In this process, the sperm is extracted from other organs like Testicles, Epididymis, or Vas deferens. While the Epididymis is the tube where the sperms mature, Vas deferens is another tubular structure which transports the sperms.

Azoospermia: Surgical treatment

It can be rectified by surgery as well. Two types of surgeries are possible while treating Azoospermia surgery and endoscopic surgery.


Medical students undergo intensive training to perform microsurgery. The students opting for such specializations devote an extra one year. The surgery requires the patient to be given general anesthesia. Afterward, the doctor makes a small cut on the scrotum. The blockage is fixed using magnifying devices and special instruments. Once the connection is restored, the incision is closed. This kind of surgery is used in cases where the problem lies with the epididymis and vas deferens.


In endoscopy, the patient is again administered general anesthesia. A special flexible tube called scope is used to route the way to the desired spot. The scope has a camera, light and uses a magnification technique to conduct the surgery. The scope is inserted through the urethra and the blockage repair is carried out. The plus point of this surgery is that no incision is required and the problem area is treated satisfactorily. It is generally used when the problem lies with the ejaculatory duct, the tubular structure from where the sperm exits to form the semen.

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