Best 20 Foods Rich In Folic Acid To Eat During IVF Pregnancy

Best 20 Foods Rich In Folic Acid To Eat During IVF Pregnancy

Dr. Sumita Sofat: Yes, you would feel on the top of the world if your pregnancy tests come out positive. Many people around the world are lucky enough to conceive naturally. However, some unfortunate few may get the good news only after going through multiple rounds of IVF.

As the world reels under the problem of infertility, there are multiple ways of treating it. As both male and female Infertility rises, we would like to focus on the nutritional deficiency that could mar your chances of becoming a mother, either naturally or through ART. So increase your chances of becoming a mother by ensuring that you have a well-balanced diet.

Both of them should have a diet rich in iron, calcium, vitamin, proteins, and carbohydrates. Minerals also need to be taken in the required amount.

List of Top 20 Foods Rich In Folic Acid To Eat During IVF Pregnancy

1. Kiwi fruit – The green and delicious fruit is a rich source of folic acid. You can have it in fruit salads or with ice cream.

2. Kale –The vegetable contains high levels of folic acid so make sure you have it often.

3. Brussels sprouts –With the year round availability of this wonder food, make the most of it.

4. Marmite – this spread is made of cult yeast-extract and has a high amount of folic acid in it.

5. Pork and poultry –While raw meat is to be avoided, cooked meat (occasionally) is good for expectant women.

6. Black-eyed beans – You can have the cheap canned variety. You can add them to your salads or omelettes. Easting pulses like lentils and kidney beans will also be beneficial.

7. Tofu – It is a soy-based food which is also a great source of folic acid.

8. Avocados – It is considered a superfood that is beyond comparison.

9. Asparagus – This seasonal vegetable has good folic acid content.

10. Okra – It is loved by Indians, but it is demanded the world over for its nutritional content.11. Fortified breakfast cereals – Have cereals like Cornflakes to have high folic acid content.

12. Orange juice –It should be consumed in the limit as it has a high glycemic load. Diluting it with water is recommended.

13. Fresh peas – These are classic and cheap and don’t let you down on the nutritional content.

14. Potatoes – The starchy vegetable is good for you but eats it in moderation as the carbohydrate content can raise your blood sugar levels.

15. Spinach – The dark leafy green vegetable is full of iron and folate. It will also help in fighting vitamin-A deficiency.

16. Broccoli – Use the steaming method so that you don’t lose its nutrients.

17. Bananas – It is a storehouse of many vitamins and minerals but having half a banana a day is best due to its high sugar content.

18. Peanuts – The nut is rich in proteins and safe during pregnancy if eaten in moderation.

19. Baked beans – It will be the perfect thing to have with wholegrain toast.

20. Wheat germ – The highly nutritious wheat germ can be consumed in powdered form by sprinkling it on the morning cereal.

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