Uterine cancer: Is there any chance to become pregnant even after Uterine Cancer?

Is there any chance to have a child with uterine cancer

Pregnancy is the most important and precious part of a woman’s life. Every single woman want to enjoy this time but due to some factors such as cancer, hormonal changes, and genetic factors. These are not only factors which affect the chances to become a mom. There are some other factors which also affects fertility related to women.

The main thing which affects the chances to have a child include uterine cancer.  This is the type of cancer which associates with infertility. Infertility means inability to conceive a child even after many attempts. You should go infertility treatment in India such as IVF, which include many types of procedures to increase the chances of pregnancy.

How uterine cancer affects the reproductive organs of women?

This is the type of cancer which is associated with fertility problems. For example,    severe pain in pelvic organs, blockage of fallopian tubes, and ovary problems. This is the condition which can be treated with laparoscopy or person need infertility treatment in order to cure the problem of blockage of fallopian tubes. In addition, a woman who is suffering from uterine cancer may experience severe pain during intercourse or another type of discomfort. Since this is the health condition which can lead to a heavy menstrual cycle.

In which ovaries are responsible for the production of eggs every month whereas fallopian tubes are useful to deliver sperm for fertilization. If you face any problem related to these both organs, you will surely encounter the problem of infertility.

What are the chances to conceive a child after uterine cancer?

Yes, but it depends on the health condition of the patient who is suffering from this type of cancer. The treatment for this uterine cancer is a hysterectomy. In addition, this is the surgical procedure which is usually performed to remove the woman’s uterus and cervix.

Some ladies are going through chemotherapy if they have a serious stage but chemotherapy is responsible to kill the healthy cells that are present in your body.

In this way, you should go for hormone therapy treatment. This treatment is the type of IVF treatment, known as In-Vitro fertilization. This is the treatment designed for infertile couples. When a lady gets the cancer treatment she may experience the reduced production of hormones such as estrogen. Hormone therapy is useful to maintain the hormones in your body so that you can conceive without any obstacle even after the uterine cancer treatment.

Moreover, this treatment is performed along with oral medications with the goal to increase the chances of pregnancy. Because without medications or healthy diet you cannot recover faster only with hormone therapy. After then if you are still unable to get pregnant then choose the best IVF centre to get the best treatment.