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Delayed Parenthood: How Sofat Fertility Centre Brought Me Out Of My Misfortune?

My name is Jyoti Batra. Today I would like to narrate my story. I reside in Shahpur. I have been married to Kuldeep Batra since 1995. Like any other couple, we started planning a child after some years of marriage. But as time elapsed, we became hopeless as I failed to conceive even after a long time. Although my husband was very supportive, I slipped into depression since I had long cherished the dream of becoming a mother.

The dark phase

Infertility spells a lot of emotional turmoil. It wreaks havoc on one’s psyche. Things are even worse in India and that too in smaller places. Instead of empathizing with the couple, people dart strange glances and pass inconsiderate comments. We started giving in to depressive tendencies and negative thoughts.

The bright spot in my life

My fate changed when I came to know of Dr. Sumita Sofat. I watched an advertisement on TV regarding her professional finesse. We decided to give ourselves another chance by visiting the clinic.

The procedures available

Many techniques are available these days to treat infertility. IVF and test tube treatment is the most common of them. There are various clinics throughout India which treat infertility. Test tube baby cost needs to be estimated before opting for the treatment. Due to the requirement of excellent medical finesse and the latest infrastructure, the infertility treatments are expensive.

Fertility Cost in India varies according to the city and the clinic.

The course of treatment

We finally met Dr. Sumita and found her to be a pleasant lady with a gentle disposition. She put all our doubts to rest and received each of our endless queries with utmost patience. She soon carried out all the required tests and we were on our way to the initial steps of the treatment. The staff was equally cordial and the treatment was carried out with professionalism and genteel. We felt really grateful to the whole team.

The unexpected happiness

Though we were quite skeptical about the treatment as we had faced negative results a lot of times, we were pleasantly surprised when I came to know that I had succeeded in conceiving after all. I can’t forget the day when I came to know that I was expecting my child. The good news soon turned into a beautiful reality when I gave birth to my son on 18 September 2012. My son is a six-year-old healthy child now.

My gratitude

I can never thank Dr. Sumita Sofat enough as she is the one who has turned my dream into a reality. I know the issues an infertile couple has to face. I am thankful to Dr. Sumita Sofat as she turned out to my savior. I and my son have been in great health since then.