Event: Dr. Sumita Sofat Organized A Motherhood & Baby Show

Dr. Sumita Sofat organized a Motherhood & Baby Show Ludhiana

Dr. Sumita Sofat’s Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: Precious smile and naughty sparkle in the children’s eyes is the best thing. Well, this is also true that no one can be as pure as they are. Around 200 babies born with IVF treatment gathered from across the country. This all happened because of the well-known Dr. Sumita Sofat.

Event: Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre organized Motherhood & Baby Show.

During the show, the kids of age 15 walked the ramp. This was a very emotional site to watch for their parents.The couples also shared their emotional and happy journey of undergoing IVF treatment. Everyone in the audience was spellbound when they hear about their sorrow and pain which they have to go through. No doubt, in the end, all their pain was worth-it when they could hold their child in their lap with the expertise of Dr. Sumita Sofat.

Dr. Sumita Sofat organized a Motherhood & Baby Show
Event: Motherhood & Baby Show

At the event, the chief guest Balkar Singh Sandhu mayor of Ludhiana praised their efforts and also discussed how the new technology is helping the childless couple to enjoy the journey of parenthood.Civil surgeon of the Ludhiana Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bagga was also present there who shared his experience when he first met the couple and they have lost all their hopes. But, now to see this precious smile in worth the wait. Dr. Sumita Sofat also said the main aim was to make the public aware of infertility. They should not lose hope when they are diagnosed with infertility.

After that various contest was organized and the winners were rewarded. Even the hospital gifted insurance policy & Kisan Vikas Patra to various children. They also talked about social issues and decided to sponsor the education of 3 girl children who belong to the economically weaker class.Well, the program ended with the motive to create a common platform so that infertile couples can share their problem and get relief from the situation.

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