What Is Fallopian Tubal Blockage And How It Leads To Infertility In Women?

About fallopian tubal blockage and infertility

Fertility issues are too common in both partners, but ladies are usually suffering from certain issues more than males. If you are one of them, who are suffering from infertility due to fallopian tubes problem, then you have to visit the IVF centre, so that you can get the appropriate treatment on time. In addition to this, you are not alone, who is suffering from this type of problem, there are several ladies suffering from fallopian tubal blockage problem.

What is tubal blockage infertility?

A recent study reveals that near about 20% of women are experiencing fertility issues due to fallopian tubes blockage. Such patients have an average age group of between 30 and 40 years. Well, there is too difficult to recognize the signs of tubal factor infertility as compared to PCOS and POF, which are explained as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Premature Ovarian Failure. There is no such sign of this condition, if you are suffering from water collection in the tube, then you will surely experience infertility.

How Tubal blockage leads to infertility?

Infertility of the tubal factor is the disorder in which a woman’s fallopian tube is blocked, which obstructs the egg and sperm fertilization method. The blocked Fallopian tube thus prevents the sperm from reaching the uterus for fertilization, and in many cases an embryo too.

Moreover, the uterus is attached at either side of the uterus to the Fallopian tube. Sometimes the blockage can be a tiny one where it helps the sperm to enter the uterus however not the embryo. Nevertheless, as in the tests done for tubal patency, there are many cases where the tube is proprietary but the tubes are not working.

Well, it is too difficult to diagnose the non-functional fallopian tubes. These can only be examined by laparoscopy. There are certain risk factors such as-:

  • Tuberculosis

  • Pelvic infections

  • Previous pelvic

  • Abdominal surgeries

Causes of tubal factor infertility

  • The main cause behind tubal factor infertility is sexually transmitted diseases or infection which is caused due to STDs.

  • Several ladies may suffer from this condition due to endometriosis. This is a condition in which tissue grows at wrong places such as outside the uterus.

  • You may experience fertility issues due to Pelvic inflammatory diseases which affect your reproductive organs badly.

Treatment for Tubal block in Infertility

There are two ways to treat tubal factor infertility such as surgery and IVF. For this, you have to visit the specialist, so that you can treat on time. Well, IVF is the best treatment, which gives you positive results so that you can lead a happy life with your partner. To get this treatment, you have to talk to the IVF specialist.