How Do I Choose A Infertility Specialist Punjab?

How do I choose a fertility specialist

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre Punjab: Getting diagnosed with infertility is bad enough, getting a good fertility specialist is an even more taxing job. There are several sources through which you can get information but they may host contradictory opinions and views. However, you must arrive at the right address for your treatment.

Patients often source information from their ob/GYN as they trust their opinion and are dependent on them for medical advice. Still, others may look up the yellow pages or search engines to get the right name. Many opt for the names recommended by the word of mouth. Whichever clinic you choose, you must get individualized handling and emotional support. The role these factors play in giving a successful treatment is immense.

fertility specialist Punjab

How does the patient determine that he is getting the right support?

The patient must be treated with courtesy by the staff and the doctor. He or she must have direct access to the doctor, should she have any query or concern after the initial session.

If IUI or IVF services are offered, then the clinic must follow a seven day week. A five day week might clash with the physiologically and biologically best time to undergo treatment.

The clinic must have an in house mental health professional for giving mental support.

The clinic must believe in following the best interests of the patient.

Last but certainly not least, the patient must have confidence in her physician and treatment.

Procedure of IVF

The IVF procedure consists of many tests and multiple visits to the hospital are normal. The doctor initially monitors the natural ovulation cycle of the female. If the ovulation is happening normally, then fertility drugs are administered to enable the woman to produce multiple eggs in a single cycle. If there is a problem with ovulation, then corrective treatment is suggested. The IVF can happen only after the ovulation takes place properly. ICSI technique may be used if there is a factor of male infertility.

  • Once the woman ovulates to produce multiple eggs in a single cycle, the eggs are extracted from the female’s body.
  • In case there is a problem with ovulation or sperm production, then egg donors and sperm donors may be used.
  • The semen is extracted from the male partner and sperms are obtained from the semen.
  • Both the egg and the sperm are allowed to fuse in a Petri dish.
  • Hopefully, multiple embryos are formed, which are kept under observation.
  • The best one or two are implanted into the uterus of the woman. If the woman’s uterus is hostile for the embryo then a woman may be hired to carry the embryo in her womb.
  • Upon successful implantation, the embryo grows like a naturally fertilized fetus. After the end of the gestation period, the woman gives birth to a live baby.