How Males Can Recover From Nil Sperm Count?

How Males Can Recover From Nil Sperm Count?

Male infertility is becoming obstacle for 4 out of 10 infertile couples. Male infertility is genraly counted with the sperm count and in more than 5% cases men are coping with nil sperm count.

Condition in which males have complete lack of sperms is known as Azoospermia. This problem can be due to following two conditions

  • Problem with the sperm production
  • Has normal sperm production but due to blockage it cannot reach the ejaculation.

Problem of Zero sperm count in males can be due to various reasons that are evaluated with reviewing the problem, medical history, family history, physical examination and even blood tests.

Can nil sperm count be reversed?

If the males have problem of nil sperm production due to the blockage then medical treatment can help the situation. However in most of the cases assisted reproduction technique is used for building the biological family. The condition of nil sperm count due to blockage is called the no obstructive Azoospermia and for treating this condition surgical treatment can also help out depending on the conditions like testicular size, history of ejaculated sperm, Level of serum FSH and biopsy reading.

Some medications cal help out6 the situation otherwise the advanced techniques like ICSI with the IVF can help the situation as in this male some can be retrieved from the testicles and used for the fertilization of egg in the lab.

If the male is having problem in the sperm production then the nutritious diet, some supplements and medicines can help situation.