IVF infertility procedure: Success stories of IVF After Miscarriage

Success stories of IVF After Miscarriage

What is IVF?

IVF treatment is the best infertility treatment which is designed to treat infertility in both couples. Infertility is explained as an inability to conceive a child even after many attempts of intercourse. In addition, this treatment has five steps such as ovulation or stimulation of women ovaries, egg collection from ovaries, sperm collection, fertilization, and embryo transfer into the uterus.

While the majority of people reveal that they get successful results with IVF treatment. Because they visit our IVF centre in India and get success and desired results. Whereas the majority of people claim that they get success after Miscarriage from the first attempt.

Let’s understand how the IVF procedure works after miscarriage.

If you experience miscarriage before IVF treatment then you have to visit a doctor first. And it is necessary to understand the reasons behind the miscarriage condition. There are several reasons for miscarriage such as Genetic issues, weakened cervix, obesity, smoking, and PCOS. Some other health conditions which are responsible for Miscarriage are lupus, uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, hypertension, gonorrhea, kidney disease, chlamydia, and malaria.

Success stories of IVF after miscarriage

There are so many success stories of IVF after a miscarriage but here we mention only some of them. Firstly, a couple who lives in America shared their story about IVF experience. Now they have a baby girl of 6 years, who was born with IVF. The name of the child is Emily and her parents are Amy and Adam Van Zee.

They reveal that they started their journey 8 years ago. And then after 2 years, they planned their family but the Amy met with an accident and experience miscarriage. After that, they try to conceive for one year but they are unable. After that, they met Gynaecologist infertility specialist in order to get a proper checkup. And then doctor first asked them a reason for miscarriage, they state that she had reproductive issues. Then the doctor suggested them for some infertility tests. And after getting the IVF treatment they were able to conceive.

One more couple from Michigan, US tells the truth behind their real happiness. They conceive Twins with the help of IVF treatment after 2 miscarriage. At that time they are too disappointed due to not having their own baby. Then they visit the doctor and told him their entire problem. After getting their doctor to suggest them some of the fertility tests so that he can examine their health. After getting the proper IVF treatment they are able to have their kids such as baby boy and girl at one time.

Moreover, the IVF procedure is too safe and secure because it gives you better results as compared to other fertility treatments.