IVF success story – how we got twice the blessings with the birth of our twins

IVF success story – how we got twice the blessings with the birth of our twins Himachal Pradesh

Many couples across the Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh suffer from the stigma of infertility. The condition does not only cause emotional stress but has social stigma also attached to it. The dilemma is really painful and there seems to be no actual reason to pinpoint in the early stages. But medical intervention has proved to be a boon. Techniques like IUI and IVF have made a significant contribution to lighten the plight of such couples.  While the reasons for infertility may be majorly attributed to females, the males are equally responsible for such problems. But one need not worry as male infertility treatment in India is readily available.

I and my husband got married a few years ago. As is common, we wanted to start a family soon after the honeymoon period was over. We thought it would not be an issue as it is the most common thing to happen after getting married. But soon we started sensing trouble as the pages of the calendar flew by and we were not able to see a positive pregnancy test. Soon, it became a normal thing to expect a negative result. But when we could not report a successful pregnancy even after one year of trying, we decide that it was time to contact the doctor. The doctor asked us to conduct some test and told us to wait until the reports came in. After seeing the reports, he recommended IUI. After the first round, we got the pregnancy test positive but it turned out to be a false alarm. The next time around ,we was luckier but it turned out that there was just a sack inside my body, not a baby. After 5 and ½ weeks of thinking the I was pregnant, my hopes were dashed again. We opted for a repetitive third round but to no avail.

We had heard of IVF treatment, now we wanted to try this method as our last resort. In the background,we were simultaneously harboring thoughts about adoption seriously as we were not very hopeful of becoming biological parents.

As we all are well aware that IVF is a process in which the fertilization process takes place in a lab petri dish. The fertilization results in a single or multiple embryos. The embryos are implanted into the body of the female. After a successful implantation, the pregnancy is confirmed after some days. If all goes well, the woman delivers a baby at the end of the process. Many couples have benefited from the technique and that is exactly why I am sharing my story with you.

At Sofat Infertility Clinic, we found a gentle doctor and a dedicated team to help us on our way to parenthood. After the fertilization process was carried out in the lab, we got multiple embryos, out of which 3 were selected for implantation. We were not letting false hopes get the better of us. But when the pregnancy tests came positive and remained positive for a few months more, we knew that we had finally embarked on our journey to parenthood. After the passage of the nine months, we were blessed with not one but two babies. We were finally proud parents of twins! We have only Dr. Sumita Sofat to thank for our journey from hopelessness to the light of new life!