IVF Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes & Ectopic Pregnancy

IVF Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes & Ectopic Pregnancy

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: There are many IVF centre in India which focus on the problems like infertility and issues regarding blocked fallopian tubes. At the centre for special fertility, doctors have helped those couple also who had almost lost the hope to have a baby. But due to technology and with advanced technique it was possible to do so.

About Fallopian Tube Blockage:

There could be many reasons that why the fallopian tube can be blocked and damaged by scar tissue. It can be sometimes possible that develops as a result of any particular infection or surgery. This blockage can also be congenital even in addition to this; the fallopian tube blockage may have to be purposeful.

The interference of blocked Fallopian tubes with fertility    

The fallopian tubes are narrow passageways that play an important and crucial role in conception. When the egg is released from the ovary, it travels through the fallopian tube in order to reach up to the uterus. And with the problem when the fallopian tubes are somehow completely blocked, then the egg will not be able to move freely through the fallopian tube. In some cases, blocked fallopian tubes can cause fluid to collect and the fluid can affect the uterus and decrease the rate of IVF in any matter.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Ectopic Pregnancy and IVF   

The biggest concern of the blocked fallopian tubes is ectopic pregnancy that implants outside of the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy can only and only occur in the fallopian tube if it is partially blocked and through this it can allow sperm through to fertilize the egg. On the other hand it is also true that it may not be able to move out of the fallopian tube to the uterus.

IVF Bypasses the Fallopian Tubes     

The fertilization and implantation can suffer the same issue. During the IVF treatment, eggs are being harvested from the woman’s body and then they combine with sperm outside the body. Then after this the eggs are being harvested before the fallopian tubes. Once it is combined with the sperm, they are allowed to place embryo within the uterus.

IVF and Blockage Caused by Hydrosalpinx 

Blocked fallopian tubes caused by this, collection of a fluid  within the fallopian tubes can decrease the success rate of IVF. This is because the fluid which is present in the tubes can interfere with the uterus and its present lining outside. It even makes it more difficult further to implant the embryo.

Fortunately treating it can increase the success rate of IVF and treating opening the blocked ends of the fallopian tubes through the surgery can prevent the leakage of fluid solving many issues.