IVF Treatment: Sri Ganganagar couple gets blessed with twins after a painful wait

Sri Ganganagar couple gets blessed with twins after a painful wait 2

Infertility has occupied a major place in the world of medical conditions. One can read about the staggering statistics which points out that a large population is in the throes of infertility. While the problem is prevalent in all parts of the world, the social ostracisation of an infertile couple, especially the female is another issue which is difficult to face. Indian society especially indulges in such malice.

The end result is that the couple is already suffering due to their ordeal slip into further chaos. But hope is there in the form of IVF, IUI and other ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Given below is the account of a couple from Sri Ganganagar who got the joy of parenthood after they approached Dr. Sofat for treatment. Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital provides IVF (vitro fertilization) in India with higher success rates.

Watch Struggling story of our patient Jagjot Singh and Kulvinder Kaur who travels from Sri Ganganagar

Jagjot Singh and Kulvinder Kaur got married in the faraway town of Sri Ganganagar situated in Rajasthan. Like every other couple, they desired to become parents soon after they got married. But destiny had other things in store for Jagjot and Kulvinder. They started sensing that everything was not ok, as Kulvinder was unable to conceive even after a year. They went to many hospitals and sought many fertility treatments but to no avail. The things got so complicated that both of them started becoming emotionally fatigued .

The couple started to slip into depression .But hope came in the form of Dr. Sumita sofat. They came to know about the clinic through an advertisement on TV. By this time, they had become tired of running from pillar to post in search of a good doctor who could help them with their infertility issue. They decided to give it one more try. This time, their prayers were answered and they were gifted with not one but two angels. Both of them are highly grateful to Dr. Sofat for her continued support and medical proficiency in the field of infertility. They owe their parenthood and their joys to the treatment provided by Dr. Sofat.

IVF: The new Miracle treatment

Many couples down with infertility problems pin their hopes on the medical science to assist them to realize their dream of becoming a parent. IVF is a technique which has brought a ray of hope to such couples. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a process in which the  fertilization  (which would happen in the woman’s body otherwise) is carried out in the lab.

The egg from the woman and the sperm from the male partner are taken and fused together in a lab Petri dish. The embryo formed as a result is implanted into the woman’s body. After a successful implantation, a successful pregnancy follows and the baby arrives at the end of the pregnancy term. The technique was first used around 4 decades ago but now has become a common infertility treatment. While the egg and the sperm are generally used from the female and the male partner respectively, one can arrange a donor in either or both the cases if there is a problem. The success rate for IVF can be up to 40 %. The final success depends on a variety of factors, the age of the couple being the most crucial.