A Study Revealed that an increased number of IVF cycle can be helpful

Increased number of the cycle is beneficial

In the case of infertility, the treatment of IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) has been proved very successful. In most cases, one cycle is enough to conceive the child. But sometimes when the results are not coming successful then it means you have to get an additional cycle to conceive successfully. Although the IVF treatment is limited to around 3 to 4 cycle. But now the researchers have shown that increasing the number of IVF cycle beyond these numbers is helpful in increasing the effectiveness of the entire treatment. This is based on the study in the issue of JAMA in the December 22/29.

The women who were taking the taking the treatment were of 35 years and the duration of all the infertility cycle was 4 years.

The study included around 1,56,947 women who received IVF ovarian stimulation cycle around 2,57,398 times from 2003 and 2010 and the patients were followed up until June 2012. you will be surprised to know this that live-birth rate increased up to the ninth cycle. In addition to this, around 65% of women were able to achieve live-birth by the sixth cycle.

Women less than the age of 40, who were using their own egg for the treatment have a live-birth rate in the first IVF cycle by 32%. this kept in increasing up to the fourth cycle by 20%. In a total of six cycles, then the live birth rate was around 68%.

Women who are at the age of 40 to 42, had a live-birth rate at 12%. By having a total of six cycles this percentage was increased by 31.5%. Women who were older than 42, in each cycle the rate was less than 4 percent. Couples who are experiencing the issue can visit our IVF Centre in India.

The rates were lower in those cases, who had infertility untreated for men. However, this difference was solved once men got the treatment of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), IUI, or sperm donation.

Women who were less than 40 years and using the donor oocytes as well as with the issue of infertility related to men were treated with ICSI or sperm donation. This helped the couple to achieve the live-birth rate after trying around six cycles and the IVF cycle duration for around 2 years. Well, this was the same for couples who were trying but they were not using any type of fertility treatment after one year.

In addition to this, it also showed that in one cycle the eggs retrieved for ovarian stimulation did not affect the rate of success in the subsequent cycle. It might occur that stress and anxiety can affect the chances for the entire treatment.

If you want further information about the treatment then you should come and visit the fertility specialist to clear all your doubts.