Sperm Health: Tips to Increase Fertility in Men

Sperm Health How to Increase Fertility in Men

Sperm Health: Tips to Increase Fertility in Men

When couples face the problem of infertility then it becomes essential to tackle such problems as it is important to avoid any issue related to this at the initial stage only.

Among many couples, in general, it can be seen that male infertility is more and in one of the test tube centre in Punjab, it has studied that there can be many causes for this change and also should be considered serious or deal with great care.

Low sperm count

The most common cause of male infertility is low sperm count and it can be seen very commonly among the youth or older person. At the beginning of puberty sperm is being produced in the test tube only and this is a process which is called ejaculation. When this sperm combines with the fluid from the prostate gland then it is a must to have the sperm count to be proper. On the other hand it is also been noticed that a low sperm count should always be counted before the entire process starts.

Low motility

This is another thing which should be considered and it is one of the most powerful processes which can be practiced and also the doctors recommend for the low motility you must go for the sperm swim erratically and do not move the conception.

Abnormally shaped sperm

It is also one of the most common issues that people are facing these days. This is the cause of infertility among men and women. The reason can be that the stress level is increasing day by day among them. But still, with the help of the doctor, we can solve the problem. Doctors generally use the term for such kinds of issues which is that DNA is being stored and each part is essential for egg fertilization. Apart from that, the damage can be caused by fertility.

Steps that can be taken in order to prevent all this are

Keep everything sorted

It is important to keep things cool and according to it they can be able to solve the issues with ease. Also, it is essential to keep things safe at the same time because it is good for the couple as well.

Be aware of the workplace toxins

The environment plays a vital role and it should be considered that everything needs to be sorted as far as the workplace toxins are concerned. Also, the healthy diet plays an essential part in reducing sperm count and eating rich food can help you to bring the changes in each of the phases.


It can be said that having a low sperm count on things that are important should be considered seriously.