Strange Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Strange Early Symptoms of Pregnancy (1)

Everyone will tell you about the well-known signs of pregnancy. According to the gynae doctor , the pregnancy is marked primarily by missing your period. The lady doctor further specifies that if you are pregnant, you will also experience tenderness in the breasts and you will feel exhausted all the time. However, there are some strange early signs of pregnancy which many people miss. So look out for these signs even if your gynae hasn’t told you about them-

  1. You will have an unusual discharge 

Many women will see a sticky, white, or pale-yellow mucus secretion in the early phase of the first trimester. The discharge increases during pregnancy due to increased hormonal activity and vaginal blood flow.

  1. Your body will feel hot

The body temperature increases after the ovulation process and the conditions stay till you get the next period. However, if you are pregnant, then the increase in temperature will last for a longer period.

  1. You will experience cramps, headache the urge to pee all the time

The body undergoes many hormonal changes during pregnancy, which can lead to headaches. This might be accompanied by menstruation like cramps in the lower abdomen. Some women also feel the need to empty their bladder all the time as the uterus grows in size during pregnancy and puts pressure on the bladder.

  1. Giddiness 

It’s a common sign to feel giddy during the first trimester of pregnancy. It happens due to the dilation of blood vessels and the dropping of blood pressure due to the dilation. However, one needs to be careful about the intensity of this symptom. If the dizziness is severe and there are vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, then it could be an indication of an ectopic pregnancy. It can be a threat to your life so see a doctor immediately if you observe these symptoms.

  1. You feel constipated all the time  

You may feel bloated and constipated all the time. You might feel the urge to go but all you end up passing is gas. Don’t worry; it happens to many women during pregnancy. It may be caused due to the hormonal changes or the vitamin supplements you are required to take during the pregnancy. As the digestive system aims to provide nutrition to the fetus, the activity level slows down, which might lead to constipation. Ensure that you include a lot of fiber and fluids in your diet along with doing regular exercise. These actions will help in keeping constipation under check.

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