Study have shown IVF is giving more chances to preserve fertility

Preserving the fertility with IVF

Research: Getting to know about infertility can bring a lot of frustration, tears of loss, and anxiety. The couple might think that they should try earlier and wait for a long time to conceive is creating a problem.

The infertile couple got a gift 40 years back given by Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe who made the IVF treatment. No doubt, a lot of experiments have been made now on this treatment and it has pushed boundaries that were not supposed to be crossed. Lately, researchers even came with methods that can preserve the fertility of men, women, and children.

The art of preserving Fertility

  • With the improvement made in the technology, the method of ovarian transplant has been proved very helpful. It is beneficial for those who tried to conceive with the preserved ovarian tissue. Additionally, some scientists are working to make this method improved for boys and men by freezing the testicular tissue.
  • This is true, the world of reproduction is growing a lot and for better. During the IVF treatment, the sperm and egg are collected and they are allowed to grow in the petri dish. This is a fertilization process that helps in forming the embryo.
  • In the case of preserving the fertility of men, sperm freezing is the best option. Sperm is frozen by using the compound known as cryoprotectants. This is the reason, the demand for treatment of Test tube baby in India is increasing.
  • After the first baby was IVF after that many couples successfully conceived with frozen eggs and frozen sperms. This clearly, means that both men and women can preserve fertility for future use.

Making the right choice

  • The patients who have been diagnosed with cancer treatment should opt for preserving fertility. This is because chemotherapy treatment can reduce fertility.
  • In case, you do not plan to conceive at an early age as most people are opting for and you want to focus on your career, then egg freezing option is best. This is because, with age, the quality and quantity of eggs are affected. Getting the eggs preserved will help you a lot in the future. Even if you are not able to conceive. The eggs will be thawed and used with IVF.

Preserving sick children fertility

It might be possible your kid is going through some serious illness. Even for that researchers have tried various options to preserve fertility. They are using methods like removing & freezing the immature ovary and testes so that in future they can have their child.


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