Treat the blocked fallopian tubes problem with help of IVF treatment?

IVF for blocked fallopian tubes

Infertility is caused due to several factors in which blocked fallopian tubes are at a peak. Millions of ladies are suffering from blocked fallopian tubes problem and unable to get pregnant. These fallopian tubes are responsible for the pregnancy because sperm travel through these tubes to reach the egg for fertilization.

In this condition, you need to visit the IVF centre in Punjab, so that you can get the proper check-up of your condition. Several people ask us, is IVF treatment beneficial to treat the blocked fallopian tubes problem. Yes, IN-vitro fertilization is beneficial to treat several types of fertility issues in both partners. So, you do not take any type of tension, if you are one of them, who are unable to conceive a baby due to fallopian tubes problem. This type of infertility is known as tubal factor infertility, which is the most common type of infertility in females.

Well, the blockage may be caused due to scar tissues, which are usually formed due to pelvic infection, endometriosis, and pelvic surgery too. The blockage happens to certain areas such as-:

  • At the end of the tube, near where it’s connected to the uterus.

  • At the end of the tube, near the ovary

  • The entire tube

In these conditions, you have to consult a fertility specialist to examine your condition. He may recommend you to undergo IVF treatment to unblock tubes. This treatment is helpful to unblock the tubes in all conditions. You can also ask certain questions to your specialist so that you can clear your doubts.

Is it necessary that fallopian tubes working properly for pregnancy?

Yes, as we mentioned above, it is important that your fallopian tubes work properly, so that you can conceive a baby without any complications. Women, release an egg every month during the menstrual cycle, which is picked up by the fallopian tubes. So, for a healthy and successful pregnancy, it is important that your tubes worked properly. Or it is necessary that male sperm meets the egg at the end of the fallopian tubes. If your fallopian tubes are not working properly, no doubt, you can conceive a baby with not easily.

What are the reasons behind the blockage of fallopian tubes?

There are several reasons behind damage or blockage of the fallopian tubes such as-:

Previous ectopic pregnancy: If you are suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, then you are a greater risk of damage or blockage of fallopian tubes. In this condition, you need to undergo the surgical procedure to treat this condition. And this surgery includes the removal of the damaged fallopian tube.

Endometriosis: Several ladies are suffering from blocked fallopian tubes due to endometriosis condition. In this condition, the tissue is usually formed outside the uterus. These scar tissues are responsible for the blockage of the fallopian tubes.

Pelvic inflammatory disease-: This is a dangerous condition, which usually affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the womb as well. In addition to this, you may suffer from this condition due to bacterial infection as well. You may experience this problem due to previous surgery as well. 

Is IVF treatment beneficial to treat blocked or damaged fallopian tubes?

Yes, IVF treatment is beneficial to treat blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. In this procedure, your specialist first performs a certain type of test and then switches to the treatment according to your condition.

In this treatment, your specialist collects the eggs directly from the woman’s ovaries for fertilization. After that, he collects the sperm cells from the male partner. In addition to this, after that, he combines both egg and sperm cells in the clinical lab to develop embryos. And then these embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus for pregnancy. So this is the best treatment which gives you desired results and makes you able to conceive a baby without any problems.