What do you need to know about trying to conceive with one fallopian tube?


Can you conceive with one fallopian tube?

Pregnancy is possible with one fallopian tube which assumes that you and the solo tubes are healthy. There are around 85% of women who are at optimal pregnancy, and with just one tube the woman can get pregnant within 2 years of trying.

The woman is born with 2 fallopian tubes, and these are helpful to transfer the mature eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. So, whether you know the tube is blocked due to trauma, scarring, or a former ectopic pregnancy, the chances of conceiving are normal because other factors play an essential role. If you are having any doubts about your overall condition then you should visit our gynaecologist in Ludhiana.

When you can conceive with one tube?

While 2 tubes are better as compared to one. There are many factors in which you can get pregnant in case of one tube:

  • Your fertility is in the best state

No doubt, when you are trying to conceive age is an important factor for the ovarian reserve and egg quality. If you ovulate regularly, the single tube is going to pick up the eggs, and you are going to face issues getting pregnant. In many cases, the woman who is at the age of 40 is going to conceive when you are getting pregnant. If you are over the age of 40, then you can benefit from fertility treatment. Make sure to visit the best IVF centre in Punjab to understand the treatment plan in a better way.

  • The ovulation occurs regularly

The menstrual cycle helps the women to ovulate every month and regularly. For a healthy woman, her menstrual cycle comes after every 21 to 35 days. In this condition, the women can use the OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit). To get a better understanding of ovulation you should track the periods every month and check the days when you are the most fertile.

  • One of the fallopian tubes is healthy

If one of the tubes is damaged, then it is important to get the other one checked. You should consult the doctor and get it tested whether it is healthy or not, and there should not be any blockage.

For the egg and sperm to meet they must have a clear passage. If one of the tubes is damaged even then the chances of conception are increased but ectopic pregnancy risk is on the increase.

  • Your health is perfect, and there is no other fertility issue

If you have some additional infertility issue then your chances to get pregnant can be impacted. This is the reason your fertility doctor needs to understand in depth about your reproductive health and understand better what needs to be done. If the test and diagnosis show something negative then the treatment plan is made accordingly.


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