What are the different steps of the IVF process to getting pregnant?

What are the different steps of the IVF process to getting pregnant

IVF is explained as in vitro fertilization and this is the infertility procedure. Couples who are unable to conceive a baby get this treatment in order to get pregnant. This procedure has 4 steps that include stimulation the ovaries, egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer.

Stimulating ovaries

The stimulation phase starts on the first day of your period. Your ovaries typically produce one egg during your natural menstrual cycle. Your doctor prescribes medicines according to your body and treatment plan. Your doctor will give you the forms of injection one or 2 per day. Your doctor will tell you how they work and how to get these injections. It is a good idea to involve your partner in this process so that he can understand the process and recovery process. There are two common hormones that are essential for this process such as Luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. These two hormones are created normally in the body. The eggs are now there but the prescription boosts the normal dimensions to encourage more eggs to create.  Moreover, if you are suffering from PCOS, then you should first get the polycystic ovaries treatment in India. After that, you should switch to the IVF process.

Egg retrieval

Egg retrieval is done in the clinic where the eggs are gathered from your ovaries. An anesthetist will prepare you for a general anesthetic. You will be sleeping and this methodology takes around 20-30 minutes. Your specialist uses the most recent ultrasound technology to control a needle into every ovary. No one can see an egg with the normal eye. Additionally, they are only contained in the liquid inside the follicles in the ovaries. The expert expels liquid from the follicles that appear as though they have sufficiently developed to have an egg inside. Moreover, the normal number of eggs gathered is 8 to15 for every person. Firstly, you should search on google and then you must choose the best IVF center in India.


Your expert will take the sample of your sperm in order to fertilize the egg. If you are unable to take the sample, you can use frozen sperm, our experts will have it prepared in the lab. The sperm is evaluated utilizing 4 unique dimensions of value. Then, the sperm is washed in a mixture in order to recognize the best ones under the microscope. Then the best sperm is prepared in the lab to be introduced with the eggs. It is vital the eggs are treated rapidly. Afterward, the eggs and sperm are put in a dish with the goal to fertilize.

Embryo transfer

Unfortunately, not all eggs will prepare and achieve the embryo stage. The eggs probably won’t develop or the sperm not be sufficient. We realize you will be looking out for news, so we will stay up with the advancement of your egg, sperm and embryo development. When the sperm fertilizes the egg, then your doctor transfers these embryos into the uterus in order to get pregnant.